Luxury shoes are the designer handbags of men’s fashion, and if you’re a stylish dude who wants to make a statement, there’s no better way than with your kicks. Whether you prefer a luxury shoe at work, just for special occasions, or you just want a pair of designer sneaks to #TreatYourself, there are enough affordable options out there. Believe it or not, you can add luxury shoes to your wardrobe without draining your entire savings account.

10 Most Affordable Luxury Men’s Shoes

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Keep reading for the 10 cheapest luxury shoes for men—under $700. As always, listed prices may fluctuate over time.

1. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Really Leather Drive

When it comes to stylish luxury shoes, don’t put your foot in your mouth. The Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Really Leather Drive Boots are a great start, especially in terms of an affordable price point. These timeless full-grain leather moccasins have a rounded toe, slip-on style, and a reinforced heel for ultimate support.


$125 . Buy at Macy’s.

2. beaumont loafers

Here’s your ticket to always looking sharp, and it comes in the shape of Beckett Simonon’s Beaumont loafers. Not only do these full-grain calf leather loafers look so much more expensive than they actually are, but they’re also hand-stitched in Italy. Sturdy and chic, everyone in the office must be asking where do you get these shoes. (It’s up to you whether you want to tell them or keep it a secret to yourself.)

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Buy it at Beckett Simonon for $209.

3. Excellent

Available in full-grain caramel, desert, denim blue or pomegranate and black or mahogany nubuck leather, The Classico Shoes from Adelante Shoe Company feel as luxe as they look and feel because these shoes are fully customizable and made to order. have been created. This pair comes in any length and width, from narrow to extra-wide. Stacked leather heels and high-density memory foam provide all-day comfort. They are ethically made by a skilled Guatemalan craftsman who Adelante will introduce to you after your initial purchase. How’s that for a luxury experience?

$255 at Adelante Shoe Company . buy in.

4. Jack Shu in Eden

Alright, we see you Jack Shu in Eden! Seriously, like you’ve ever seen a luxury men’s shoe that makes you want to say, “Oh, you fancy that, huh?” Because that’s it!

Created by Taft, The Jack Shoe in Eden is not for the faint of fashionable hearts as it is bold, unique and quite a conversation starter. Ideal for formal occasions or even casual wear, this Italian full-grain leather shoe with cotton jacquard weave steals the show—Any Display.

$275. buy on taft for.

5. Ace GG Embossed Sneaker

Ariana Grande sings about Gucci shoes for a reason — and a good one at that. Look at these girls! They are absolutely stunners. From the pre-fall 2020 collection, these luxury sneakers feature the embossed GG HOUSE emblem on a leather base, are made in Italy and run on a large size. If you’re ready to order, be sure to size one up.

$680 at Gucci. buy in.

6. Strandmock Cap-Toe Oxford with Danite Rubber Sole

No need to get too fancy here! Sure, the Strandmock Cap-Toe Oxford with Danite Rubber Sole can hang on any occasion—even high-brow ones—but at its core, it’s designed for casual workwear. With these classic brogue shoes, you’ll be ready for nine at the office. And, you’ll also love the all-weather blue dinite sole for ultimate traction, making them more wearable and versatile.

Buy it at Allen Edmonds for $365.

7. Armani Men’s Chukka Shoes

More casual than some of the other loafer options on this list, the Armani Men’s Chukka Boots still pack a punch in terms of style and class. Sure, they’re chukka shoes, but they’re Imagination Chukka Shoes! Available in both blue and tan, this lace-up Armani style makes the perfect fall or winter footwear—though we don’t recommend walking in the snow with them because of their suede upper and leather lining.

Buy at Bloomingdale’s for $222.50.

8. Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Leather Driving Loafers

Do not be a bread; Wear loafers! Luxury loafers, that is. An all-star pick for special occasions like weddings or networking events or even for work, Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Leather Driving Loafers dress up any ensemble. Made in Italy from leather, these apron-toe shoes can be paired with a suit and tie or a more casual, smart-casual look.

Buy it at Saks Fifth Avenue for $359.99.

9. Saint Laurent Men’s Espadrilles

Reminiscent of cult-classic Toms shoes, these Saint Laurent Men’s espadrilles are the stuff of dreams. Specifically, a summer-in-the-Hampton dream. Made in Spain, these luxury men’s slip-on shoes feature an embroidered logo on the side, cotton upper, cotton lining and rubber sole. They slip on easily and feature hanging jute detailing on both the sole edge and the toe. Oh, and they fit TTS (that’s true to size).

$425 at Bloomingdale’s. buy in.

10. Versace Printed High-Top Sneakers

Want to make a bold statement with your footwear? Nothing is more daring than Versace Printed High-Top Sneakers, which come in an elegant bright-blue pattern known as “lapis multi.” As any high-roller knows, the Versace typically runs you around $750 and up, so these high-tops are quite a steal.

$575 at Saks Fifth Avenue . buy in.

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