10 second-lead syndrome characters we will never forget by 2020

    In many K-dramas, the second male lead who is always right and loving is the one we pursue. The second lead syndrome is the dreaded feeling you get for the second lead of a K-drama that we all know will never happen to the girl he loves. He Wears his heart on his sleeve, expresses his love, and does basically anything for him, but his love is never changed. Here is a tribute to the 10 other male leads of 2020, whom we will never forget.

    Note: The list is in no particular order and does not include plays that aired in December 2020.

    1. “When I Was the Most Beautiful” – Ji Hsu

    In “When I Was the Most Beautiful,” Seo Hwan (Ji Soo) falls in love with his art teacher Oh Ye Ji (Im Soo Hyang) at first sight. After much disappointment, his elder brother Seo Jin (Ha Seok Jin) falls in love with Ji at first sight. Thus begins a fairly intense and sweet love triangle as the two brothers fight to protect and stay close to their hearts.

    Ji Su fans are quite accustomed to seeing him as a second male lead. Almost every role in her career seems to have been the second role (with the exception of a couple). Why can Ji Soo never be with a girl? This one even moreso than a particularly bruised one seemed as if she had developed feelings for her as she grew older, but Jin couldn’t be with her. The anger and heartbreak in which Ji Soo was able to portray his character made him very unforgettable.

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    2. “The King: Eternal Monarch” – Kim Kyung Nam

    Kim Go Yun stars as Jung Tae Eul, a strong-headed and fierce cop who is not too scared in life. That is, until Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) enters her life from a parallel world. The two engage in a very complicated relationship, and meanwhile, Jung Tae Yul’s longtime friend Kang Shin Jae (named Kim Kyung) continues to stand by him.

    When Shin Jae meets Tae Eul for the first time, he is overcome by her humor and charm. Wisely, he is rough around the edges and very guarded as a result of his past. But in meeting Tae Eul, he is able to open himself up and form a long-lasting friendship with her, which he later realizes is genuine love. He Cares about her, and the little things that make her like to buy the ice cream of her choice make her very sweet and memorable when she is at the store.

    3. “Start-Up” – Kim Son Ho

    Seo Dal Mi (Suzy) did not have the greatest luck trying to achieve his dreams of being the next Steve Jobs. She can’t seem to catch the poor mess and a break, but the opportunity knocks on her door when her older sister returns to Korea and invites her to a networking party. Dal Mi is encouraged to name his first love Nam Do, but the only problem is that Nam Do San is actually Han Ji Pyong (Kim Seon Ho) who is Nam De San. This forces Ji Pyong to take down the real name Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk) in the hope that that group is Mr. It brings about an epic love triangle that results in a series of lies, broken dreams, and broken hearts.

    How will we get through the heartbreak of a character with the last second-lead syndrome of 2020? “Good boy” Han Ji Pyong is the perfect package. He Wealthy, clever, loyal, and that team loved Mi so strongly that he constantly put his happiness in front of her. He Dal Mee had a sweet relationship with her grandmother and seemed like a perfect match for Dal Mee, but the only problem was that she could not reveal her feelings. The heartbreak for this strong second lead was unforgettable, and fans are still struggling to come to terms with it!

    4. “Youth Record” – Buen Woo Seok

    Park Bo Gum as a model who aspires to be an actor. He Ego falls in love with an aspiring makeup artist named Jung Ha (Park So Dam). Sometime later, Sae Hye Joon is a successful role in a play and rises to stardom. The two try to find a balance in their romance as well as the success of their dreams.

    The character of Won Hae Hyo (Byun Woo Seok) was believable to many as he was known as a friend. Hye Hyo’s persistent and relentless feelings for Jungé make him a tough character as fans couldn’t help but sympathize with his longing heart. His understanding of Jung Ha’s relationship with Hyun Joon was clear, which made him more attractive; He is also the most understanding friend!

    5. “Hospital Playlist” – Kim Joon Han

    Jo Jung Suk, Yo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Da Myung, and Jeon Mi Do are in the “Hospital Play List” as a group of five doctors who have been friends since medical school. All of them operate in the same hospital, Ulje Medical Center. The story follows their friendship as well as the romance and patients they play day to day. They also tend to form a band together.

    Ahon Chi Hong (Kim Joon Han), a student of Jeon Mi Do, falls in love with her at first sight and when he becomes her student, he notices all the small details about her. He Sees that his shoes are damaged and he finds out her size and buys a new pair without even telling her that it is from her. It is these little things that make Chi Hong such a solid male leader. Also, how can we forget the time he captivated the storm and showed up to Mi Do’s camp trip to spend a little time with him? The love he had for her was endless!

    6. “I Will Go to You When the Weather Is Nice” – Kim Young Day

    “I’ll Go to You When the Weather Is Nice,” Mok Hai Won (Park Min Young) decides to leave Seoul and temporarily go to the countryside with his aunt. There, she meets her old high school friend Im Yoon Seob (Seo Kang Joo). Eun Seob Hae has fallen in love with Jeet since they first met and is happy to hear that she won’t leave for a while. The two become friends again, and they fall in love as soon as they come to know about each other.

    Kim Young Day’s character was definitely a stand out second male staple. The way Oh Young Woo displays his feelings for Mok Hai Won was very memorable for him. When they first meet, Hae Won is a loner, and he, as the most popular man in school, becomes friends with her so that he is no longer alone. Years later, young Wu shows up in the city to confirm his feelings with his uplifting and honest personality. Young Woo’s character is so calm and memorable that he stood out throughout the play despite appearing in only a few episodes.

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    9. “18 Again” – Wai Ha Jun

    Yun Sang Hyun starred as Hong De Young, a man whose girlfriend falls pregnant in high school, resulting in the two getting married. Hong De Young had to give up his future as a basketball player, and Kim Ha Neul, who plays his wife, had to give up on his dreams of being an announcer. After a freak incident, he wakes up to realize that he has returned with his 18-year-old self to give him a second chance to live his life as he wants.

    We all love each other lead who is an athlete. In “18 Again”, Wai Ha Joon plays a pitcher, one of the biggest baseball stars in Korea. He Jung meets Da Jung (Kim Ha Neul) when she interviews him and immediately likes him. It is a romantic fairytale type of romance where every girl in the city wants to be with the mega-star, but she only has eyes for Dong. Her feelings for Da Jung are very strong but she always thinks about her feelings; His gentleness is the charm and value that make him such a notable second lead!

    8. “Was It Love?” – Ku ko sa sa

    JTBC’s “Was It Love?” Song Ji Hyo as the solo song Noh Ae Jung who is struggling to become a filmmaker. She He has been raising his daughter for 14 years without knowing who the father is. At the same time, four men appear in her life and the question arises: who is the father of her daughter?

    “Was it love?” An easy watch for those who have a Song Ji Hyo fan. And whoever is a fan of the classic love triangle, Noh Ae Jung is not only involved in a love triangle, but a love class. Although the men are all great, the second lead Oh Yeon Woo, (Ku Ja Sung) really won our hearts. As a high school teacher who has been occupying a confession letter for 14 years, Yeo Woo was a perfect match for Ae Jung. He Is kind, understanding, and most importantly, she gets on so well with Ae Jung’s daughter! How can we not have some major second lead syndrome for this man ?!

    9. “More Than Friends” – Kim Dong Joon

    In “More Than Friends”, photographer Lee Soo (Ong Seong Woo) has fallen in love with his friend Kyung Woo Yeon (Shin Ye Yoo) since high school. After a decade-long crush, the two finally discover that they have liked each other the whole time. As they grow older, they are able to be more open about their feelings, but they face certain obstacles that prevent them from being together.

    One of these obstacles is Oh Joon Soo, (Kim Dong Joon) who falls in love with Kyung Woo Yeon. After being patient and waiting for a long time, Woo Yeon gives Joon Soo a chance. The way Joon Soo falls in love with Wu Yeon and tells him about his heart is definitely worthy of second-lead syndrome. He Looks at her and is so open about her feelings, that anyone will fall in love. Our hearts can’t help but break for Joon Soo!

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    10. “Once Again” – Alex

    In “Once Again” Yun Geu Jin (Lee Song Yeob) and Song Na Hee (Lee Min Jung) are unable to work their marriage and get divorced. They try to remain friends as they are both doctors in the same hospital. The two try to be civil, but when Lee Jung Rok (Alex) appears in his hospital as a new director, he makes his love for Na very famous.

    The way Jung Rok took the bold step for the tip-off was so fascinating. He Was never overpowered, and instead, neither will there always be for Hee when it was a difficult day. Whether he was taking her out to dinner or letting her take her stress out by shooting some hoops, Alex was there to make her smile. He There was always so much understanding and patience about Na Hee and her ex-husband that it was difficult to see her. We are still crying here.

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    Hey Soompiers, which of the other men was your favorite in 2020? Let me know in the comments below!

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