Feeling crazy? Dare to dive into the magical, mysterious rabbit hole that is #CrystalTok – the corner of TikTok that is clearly obsessed with all things crystal. If you’re new to the universe of healing crystals, there’s a surprising amount to learn, and a lot of it comes together with self-care.

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For example, there are tumble (smooth, no sharp edges) and rough (sharp edges) stones and each healing crystal is believed to come with its own set of different wellness benefits – physical, mental or both. There’s pyrite for balanced emotions, rose quartz for self-love, and selenite for peace and clarity. and so much more.

11 Magical Crystal Accessories

So, light your incense and whip up the ole spellbook. Keep reading for 11 magical crystal accessories to add to your collection. As always, listed prices may fluctuate over time.

1. Shoppe Jio Mini Stone Gift Box


Whether you are looking for healing crystals for the feeling of love, clarity or peace, there is a Shopee Geo Mini Stone Gift Box for you. Each mini stone pack has a different wellness theme that features small, rough crystals to ward off bad energies. In a love-themed box, it is said that rose quartz and clear quartz can increase feelings of self-love and self-awareness and encourage personal growth. For clarity, you’ll find selenite and fluorite, which some say will ward off negative energy and promote concentration. Finally, clear quartz and amethyst are bundled together in a calming box and are often used to promote positive energy and holistic healing.

$12 at Anthropologie. buy in.

2. Patet New Beginning Stone Set

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The Petite New Beginnings Stone Set is the perfect example of a bundle of tumbled stones, and they’re small enough to hold on hand. Store them in your pocket or purse or put them on the dashboard of your car to promote a sense of security. Each stone symbolizes new beginnings – hence the name – including rainbow moonstone, rose quartz and labradorite. Keep this stone with you at all times, and you may notice a renewed sense of positive energy, more powerful feelings of change and infinite love.

$21. buy in petet for.

3. Optional Spec Premium Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense Sticks

An alternative to stinky sage smudging (hey, it’s not for everyone!), you can also use Alternative Imagination Premium Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense sticks to purify or clear the air of negative energy or spirits. But if you’re willing to get creative there are more uses for palo santo incense. Use them in your meditation practice or light them at night before bed for a mild natural stress relief.

$6.99 on Amazon. buy in.

4. Sapphire Perfume & Eau Bottle

Now, that’s something that might be new to even the most seasoned crystal-lovers: a gorgeous perfume bottle with a crystal topper that rests inside it. Available only on Etsy, the Sapphire Perfume & Eau Bottle is not only stunning to look at, it’s also believed to promote vibes of peace and calm and can even relieve sensations of stress, anxiety, and pain. Is. While no actual perfume is involved, you can use a bottle of gems to store your homemade fragrances or essential oils. Or, you know, don’t put any liquids in it and instead, display it on a shelf! this is He Pretty.

$58.50 on Etsy . buy in.

5. pink moon moon garden perfume oil set

Have a crystal-obsessed friend? The Pink Moon Lunar Garden Perfume Oil Set is one of those “one-for-you, one-for-me” gifts. (Not to mention, $2 of each sale is donated to the organization Every Mom Counts so you can feel really good about this purchase.) A limited-edition set, each of three perfumes— Drops of Incense, Midnight Melody and Over the Moon – Energized with crystals and amplified with Reiki by the resident Reiki Master jackie ho. Each is prepared in small batches and designed to promote the user’s mental, emotional and physical well-being.

$150. Buy in Pink Moon.

6. 4-Piece White Sage Smudge Kit

If you don’t mind the pungent smell of sage, smudge! The ancient practice of staining dates back centuries, originating from a Native American cleaning practice called The Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing. The idea is that giving light to the sage drives away negative energies or spirits that may be living in space. The 4-Piece White Sage Smudge Kit cleans your home (or any other area) and, along with a three-inch bundle of dried white sage, includes a few extra accessories for some flair: a small cobra stand, abalone shell and a feather .

$20.59 from Walmart. buy in.

7. Homenook Crescent Moon Shelf Set

The Homenook Crescent Moon Shelf Set from Amazon comes with two crystals — amethyst and rose quartz — as well as shiny, affixed stars to adorn the shelf. Designed in the shape of a crescent, this hanging shelf makes the ideal space for your crystal collection, stones, essential oils, beauty rollers and more.

Buy on Amazon for $59.50.

8. KingsGlen Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner

Skip the straight-forward, stick-in-the-mud incense sticks—let’s be honest—are a total bore. Go all out for your incense with Kingsglen Ceramics Waterfall Incense Sticks, which literally force the smoke of the incense sticks to drip and flow down like an ethereal river. Compete with the koi fish pond in the level below, this handmade incense stick – which comes with 50 incense sticks and 30 sticks – can promote feelings of relaxation and peace, as you see.

Buy on Amazon for $17.99.

9. Crystal Infused Sleep Essentials

Some crystal experts recommend sleeping with your stones—yes, such as under your pillow—but we understand that this isn’t always a convenient option. Instead of nodding with gems under your head, snag crystal infused sleep essentials. This sleep kit has everything you need to kiss insomnia goodbye (or goodnight?) for good—a sleep-promoting pillow spray made from essential oils and infused with sapphire crystals. Plus, you’ll find a calming rollerball of jojoba, lavender, sandalwood, clary sage, chamomile and patchouli oils and amethyst.

$22. Buy from Uncommon Goods.

10. Angel Aura Quartz Point

The best place to find new crystals is definitely your local shop (#ShopLocal), but if you’re ready to shop online, the Energy Museum is an excellent resource for rare items. Angel Aura Quartz Point is approximately 1 inch to 1.5 inches tall and is known to purify energy and elevate the spirit. Cleansing and even sleeping with this crystal can relieve stress and create more positive thoughts that soon become your reality.

$7.95 at the Energy Museum. buy in.

1 1 Pythia Botanica Oracle

Now, just because you’re into crystal doesn’t automatically make you a phenomenal tarot card reader. Still, if you’re interested in learning the trade, the Phytia Botanical Oracle from Leela Olive is a beautiful deck to start with. Each of the 48 tarot cards in this pack are hand-painted and infused with tea for a grainy, vintage feel that screams authenticity. Named after the myth of the Pythian an ancient priestess who is known for her prophecy from Hellenic gods, these floral tarot cards include deep, meaningful descriptions to inspire your reading.

$45 at Leela Olive . buy in.

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