Consider a change in your life. Why? Because each of the following products is a total upgrade to the way you’re living now. Whether it’s extreme convenience, a fad or a total life hack you’ll never forget, there is something unique in each of these products. And we promise that once you click “buy”, you will never look back.

11 Life Changing Products Under $100

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Are you ready to rock your world? Keep reading for the 11 best products to upgrade your life—under $100! As always, listed prices may fluctuate over time.

1. Anti-Gravity iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Defy gravity with this hilariously convenient phone case (made for the iPhone 11 Pro Max) that’ll make you believe all other phone cases are inferior. This is because the impressive nano technology of the Anti-Gravity iPhone 11 Pro Max Case makes use of suction cups that enable your phone to rest on any flat surface. This includes mirrors, screens, wood, whiteboards, metals and even ceramic tile. (Never ever randomly restart your phone to FaceTime.)


With over 2,000 reviews on, the Anti-Gravity iPhone 11 Pro Max Case turns almost every surface into a multi-functional backdrop for your phone.

Buy on Amazon for $9.99.

2. Wood Venture Smart Folding Light

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Now, this is weird. The Wood Venture Smart Folding Light is just about the most ingenious invention we’ve ever seen. Better than any puck light or clap-on, clap-off lamp—the Wood Venture Smart Folding Light is a portable, chargeable light that you can hold in your hands. Designed like an accordion, just open it like you’d want a slinky to turn it. Then, it can be left in a few different shapes: half a rainbow (pictured above), a full circle, a straight line or zig-zagged like a snake.

Perfect to keep in the bathroom or fridge for late night trips or as a wireless night light in a guest room, this cute little light will be the topic of conversation for all your guests.

$49.95 at Wood Venture. buy in.

3. Fit King Leg Massager for Circulation

Can a Leg Massager Really Change Your Life? Yes it can! Fit King Leg Massager for Circulation is one of those people who work out, have poor circulation, experience difficulty in sleeping or even have restless leg syndrome. Sequential compression devices can improve blood circulation, providing some relief for people with pain due to varicose veins or edema.

The Fit King Leg Massager for Circulation uses compression techniques and air pressure in two massage modes and three different intensities, focusing on your feet and calves. It comes with two sizes of extensions for an adjustable size to fit calves of all sizes.

Buy on Amazon for $88.99.

4. Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser

Stop lighting candles (especially poisonous ones) for good. The Pura is an affordable plug-in that you can control from your phone via Bluetooth. This is a reusable alternative to candles. And trust us—it smells delicious (though, of course, it depends on which fragrance you buy!).

From the comfort of your phone, you can control everything Pura does – adjust the intensity of the scent, put it on Away mode, swap between one of two scents and even Create a custom schedule for when you want to spread automatically.

Life = infinitely easy.

$44 at Pura . buy in.

5. beauty washing machine

Excessive? Perhaps. unattainably adorable? Definitely.

If you’re a beauty-guru-in-training, stop wasting your time soaping up your makeup blender over and over again. With the Beauty Washing Machine—a contraption that’s useful as well as comical—you can upgrade your life by adding literal minutes to your day. Instead of being afraid to soak your Beauty Blender or wash your makeup brushes, just put them (one at a time) in the Beauty Washing Machine. It uses AAA batteries to function in the same way as how the real one does—washing your brushes and sponges until they’re shiny and new.

$9.95. Buy in Urban Outfitters.

6. Sleeper Artisan Side Sleeper Pillow

This one is for all of you sleeping out there! Throw out your regular old rectangle and switch once and for all to a pillow that’s actually designed to support your sleeping position. Handmade in America of organic cotton, polyester, hemp and natural latex, the best part of the Sleep Artisan Side Sleeper Pillow is its built-in adjustable firmness. You can personalize your preferred head position, spine alignment, neck and shoulders by opening the pillow and adjusting the internal firmness of the latex inside. Intrinsically hypoallergenic latex also keeps you cool at night and can improve oxygen flow to your muscles.

Buy on Amazon for $99.77.

7. Lumi Duo Selfie Phone Case

There’s no better phone case for the self-proclaimed selfie queen than the impressively-approved Lumi Duo Selfie Phone Case. This phone case features high quality LED light strips embedded in both the front and back of the case so that you can have perfect lighting at any event and at any time of day or night. These LEDs are 90 percent brighter than the phone’s flash, and the case itself houses a rechargeable battery and comes with a micro USB charging cable.

Grab this phone case, and you’re sure to see a noticeable upgrade in the quality of your selfies ASAP.

$43.03 on Amazon. buy in.

8. automatic soap dispenser

In a post-coronavirus world (well, one of a kind), there’s a whole new set of rules, and one of them is that we don’t touch most things anymore. This includes soap dispensers, you know we don’t have to.

Well, now, with automatic soap dispensers, you can turn your little girls’ room into a restaurant-quality restroom with comparable technology. After all, this gadget dispenses soap thanks to a built-in electrostatic sensor detection technology, meaning you can dispense soap hands-free.

Convenient, simple and clean!

$28.99 on Amazon. buy in.

9. Coil 3-in-1 Charging Cable

The charging cable is a double-edged sword; We need it to charge our devices, yet it’s an absolute nightmare when it gets tangled or crossed with another cable. Enter Coil’s 3-in-1 charging cables, which are a total game-changer. Featuring a magnetic piece that allows the cord to more easily wrap around and connect (rather than tangled) and a magnetic adapter so you can charge a variety of phones and devices, the Coil 3-in-1 Charging Cable living in 2022, and every other cable is very 2020.

$22.99 . Buy on Me Coil.

10. YAO Mobile Joystick for iPhone

Are you a gamer? Yao Mobile Joystick for iPhone is compatible with almost every Apple phone- iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max (iOS 13.4 or later) – and features a 12-bit ADC module to provide the ultimate amount of physical control to the user. It also has a textured joystick for more comfort and grip while gaming. Better yet, it’s completely portable and can charge even during use.

$22.9 on Amazon. buy in9.

1 1 HP Sprocket Portable Instant Photo Printer

If you don’t have a wireless photo printer yet, are you living under a rock? Seriously, we don’t go to CVS to print our pictures anymore, folks. Now we take them, upload them and print them directly from Instagram using the HP Sprocket Portable Instant Photo Printer. This handy little gadget prints high-quality 2-inch to 3-inch images from your smartphone, social media, or the Google Photos app. With this cordless printer, it’s even easier to create photo albums, cards, magnets, collages and more!

Buy on Amazon for $79.99.

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