2011 was the most important year of hip-hop

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    A lot can change in a year. For Hip-Hop, it was 2011. All of the freebies to blog rap gave birth to many of today’s top-line artists, 2011 was the year that set the tone, style and direction of the decade. Think about it: With the exception of a handful of explosive breakouts in the interim, rap and hip-hop have been dominated by artists who were either making their debut or that year. Between then and now, we saw many of those artists evolve, revisit, turn left wild, and become reclusive, mythological figures, but their innovations and influences swept across the pond water like waves Pop culture has changed in the universe. These albums are the stones that created the waves that were changing the course of hip-hop and are helping to make it a global force today.

    ASAP Rocky – Live love ASAP

    ASAP Rocky

    Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that a born-and-bred Harlem kid can produce a mixtape sound like the Houston Screw and Memphis Crunk child of a demon death, almost entirely of street-going luxury and luxury label collisions Rapes about, and is not only an indelible hit on his hands, but also reviving both regional genres on a national scale and that type of cross-country mashup is not only acceptable, but in ten years Is the actual mode of hip-hop real?

    Sign me up f * ck.

    Large KRIT – Return of 4eva

    Cinematic Music Group

    Big KRIT brought back the era of self-produced rappers – or rapping producers, depending on how you look at it. While his fate led to his ill-treatment with Dame Jam, Return of 4eva Helped spur a new wave of producer-rappers and keep Pimp C / DJ Paul-style soul-sampling-and-heavy-880 production alive. Return of 4eva Still considered one of the definitive projects of the so-called “blog era” and I would dare to go a step further in saying that it was probably the cornerstone of the “mixtape era” that preceded and was in the bleed. before Return of 4eva, You can get away with filling the mixtape with radio record free style and throw tracks. After that, the bar was raised; Nothing short of a straight-up album would cut it, as KRIT gave us 21 songs and a 75-minute original production, razor-sharp songwriters and raw, unfiltered Southern realities – and they did it all themselves.

    Danny Brown – XXX


    Without Danny Brown’s medicine, the canteenry Yowl and the misfit storytelling, hip-hop could never have the bizarre spaces he inspired. Look at JumpMafia, who shouted at some of the least radio-friendly production of Glitchiest, a switch from gimmick-rap. There is no doubt in my mind XXX Apocalypse-in-progress beats and bracing for Grammys led to the face-punching rage of Run the Jewels.

    Drake – Take care

    Young money cash money

    The album, more or less born, gave birth to a whole generation of hip-hop, which made it a success. Take care Considered by many as Drake’s only classic – the debater – as well as the most cohesive effort of his career. When he claimed that every song “looks like Drake,” featuring Drake, those words would prove to be predictions, as his filtered ’90s soul-sampling methods ranged from Bryson Tiller to Doja Cat, every new The voice of the artist appears. Tributes are being paid to more rebellious and original-sounding acts riding the border amid reactionary disapproval. This is not fame; Oh! That is the matter.

    Frank Ocean – Nostalgia, ultra

    Frank Ocean

    In 2011, Frank was the odd man out of Ocean’s Odd Collective. Although he showed that he could distribute snarky bars with his Fairfax-raised brothers, his stock in the trade was singing and then soulful songwriting as a songwriter. RThe & B genre then tried to call some publications “PB&”.R”- Thank goodness that never stops. Nostalgia, ultra Either way this tape had the right word to describe the fictional fantasy world of the tracks, combining samples of Eagles and Mr. Hudson’s equally glamorous pop, which hip-hop producers for the coming decade Ke Omnivari used to lay the foundation for consumption.

    J. Cove – Cole World: The Sideline Story

    dream Ville

    It is almost J and J to go back. Watching Cole’s debut attempt again, but let’s be honest; Without “work outs”, North Carolina may well maximize with the neo-backpack wrapper Friday night Lights And finally followed the hoof dreams, assigned to a pile of hyper lyrical underground forebears that could not hack it into the mainstream. for better or for worse, Cole World Due to the pop-rap fans’ collective awareness, it will be able to go platinum several times without featuring, making sure that its version we get to know, love, and make memes.

    Jay-Z and Kanye West – watch the Throne

    Def jam

    The “Black Excellence / Materialistic Successful with Revolutionary Act” wave began here (and I’m still not sure it’s a good thing), with Jay-Zee and Kanye opening the doors to nominal white spaces (of class-solidarity). Shout out to and are considering a million-dollar canvas for his brilliant cribs. Not to mention, Kanye helped Jay stay relevant after some significant misunderstandings – Kingdom Come And Template 3 Almost irreparable damage was done to Jay’s quiet quotient – while J gave the artistic credibility to the junior for whom he had longed but always had little as a child to carry. Since then, they have both tried their best to undo that good work, but it is a testament to how good it was that the sleaze of the joint albums inevitably followed compared to The Throne.

    Kendrick Lamar – Section 80

    Top Dog Entertainment

    I almost didn’t even want to add this project, because its effect is … highly debatable? I mean, Kendrick Lamar is just so unique, so inept, he’s practically a self-contained universe of rap for himself. Still nothing like this Section 80. But maybe that’s it. Kendrick impresses his damn. Then, just to show off a little, someone else really figured it out before cracking the completely straight-to-consumer digital distribution model. Was Section 80 Mixtape or Album? What mattered in the long run was when it was shown that an independent artist could put on a project and make money on it, with no big label budget or marketing that the music industry still had in its head. And was struggling to get his hands on it. Around the digital age? While everyone else panicked, TDE made moves and those moves made the eccentric Kendrick the defining artist of a generation.

    Mac Miller – Blue Slide Park

    Mac Miller

    Blue Slide Park Not to be missed as Mac Miller’s best project. There is a possibility of that honor The Divine Feminine or Swimming. It was not his most brilliant or innovative work, or even his most beloved. It received mixed reviews from critics upon arrival and, uncertainly, it failed to help him rise to star status, which he later achieved. But against all that, it rose to No. 1 Board The first independent album to do so since the mid-200s – 90s. These were the rules of the music world for the first time as we knew that they shifted in favor of the younger man. Even Drake, J. Mixtape juggernauts such as Cole and Kendrick Lamar eventually combined with larger companies to increase major sales. Miller’s feat proved that it was a major love for a small but dedicated cadre of fans. Finally, the Frick Park playground, for which he unofficially changed the name of the album in his honor (it is eligible for an official change in September of this year).

    Phonet – Charity starts at home


    Beyond statistical achievements or significant awards, Phonet’s first solo effort, independent of younger sibling and foreign exchange, proved one thing: hip-hop can grow up. The genre was long considered to be in the realm of teens and young adults (with good reason when you consider that the genre was originally invented by a pack of 8th graders originally in New York), but with Charity, Phonet pushed boundaries toward topics such as marital malfunctions, careers out of hip-hop, and yes, gracefully aging inside a genre that wants you to do anything. six years ago 4:44 As the development of “Dad Rap” was hailed, Phonet quietly engraved a new niche, uncontrolled with his contributions, but content, knowing that hip-hop would eventually have to take hold. Father Time is, after all, undefeated.

    Tyler The Creator – Ghost

    Tyler The Creator

    Ghost Absolutely not reinforced any wheels. The horrorcore-style flick rap lasted almost a decade and a half when Tyler the Creator first pretended to eat cockroaches and hanged himself in videos for “Yonkers”. But no one has been able to grab the public’s attention before, or since, and keeps going with it for so long, through so much development and artistic disorientation that artists today hardly Every industry is recognizable by the breaker. Convention a decade ago – something he seems content with. He has since been a conference himself; Just examine the remains of the Raider Klan or Brockhampton, which are obvious to Odd Future Mantle.

    Weekend – Balloon house


    If Nostalgia, ultra All the bright prospects of 10 years carried forward, Balloon house In the era of ever more extravagant corporate-sponsored parties, its icy, dislodging people dissatisfied with their dismissals were reflected in pop culture posts populated on the stage, which tumblr’s decaying structure well into cannibalism by platforms The latter performed well… as corporate sponsors. Abel’s impeccable curated artifact is evident in the rollout of enigmatic artists such as Abel and RMR, who emerge from anywhere, swathed in shadow but glowing with potential.

    Some of the artists covered here are Warner music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.


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