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millions of acres This year wildfires engulfed the West, setting hundreds of structures on fire and forcing evacuations.

economic toll? Experts say billions of dollars have been lost, and billions of dollars are needed for fire prediction and prevention.


The fires come amid a historic drought that has killed crops and wildlife and prompted officials to regulate and limit water supplies.

Hurricane Ida’s total damage and economic loss will be between $70B and $80B: Accuweather expert

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National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) reported on Friday that two new major fires were reported and six had been brought under control.

There are currently 54 active, large fires – largely in Idaho and California – and 5,915,279 acres have been blazed.

While the calendars have flipped in October, and generally cooler, inclement weather, America’s costly wildfire season isn’t over.

In 2020, record-breaking wildfires surfaced through December, contributing to An unprecedented number of billion-dollar disasters in that year.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the US Department of Commercewidespread, sustained drought and heat contributed to the severity of western wildfires and cost the nation $4.7 billion and 45 lives in 2020.

about 10.3 million acres burned, and US-based Risk Management Solutions said The fire has cost insurers between $7 billion and $13 billion.

So, how much is this year’s season costing America?

In NOAA’s latest budget request, the agency included $15 million in increased funding “to enable better forecasting and detection of fire weather, and to improve local communities’ access to fire weather data, products and services.” Huh.

In California alone, wildfires have destroyed about 50,000 houses in the last five years. So far in 2021, fires have darkened more than 3,075 square miles and destroyed more than 3,000 homes, commercial properties and other structures. Even the state’s prized vacation spot, Lake Tahoe, was under threat.

Last week, Governor Gavin Newsom allocated $1.5 billion for wildfire prevention State budget. heyOfficials say the state is spending $5.2 billion To upgrade water systems and manage drought.

That said, the 2021 wildfire season has been shorter than last year’s and climate patterns – forecasters say La Nia weather conditions may develop – suggested this wind is starting to blow.

Joel Ann Myers, founder and CEO of AccuWeather, said, “Total losses and cumulative economic losses for the 2021 wildfire season are expected to be between $70 billion and $90 billion in the US, with California alone costing $90 billion.” 45 billion to $55 billion in damages.” Friday’s report predicted.

“This estimate, which includes both insured and uninsured losses and the impact on the U.S. economy, includes damage to homes and businesses as well as their contents and cars, job and wage losses, farm and crop losses, infrastructure damage, Ancillary occupational losses include the cost of school closures and power cuts to businesses and individuals,” he said. Economic losses are also projected in the affected states due to highway closures, evacuations and increased insurance premiums, firefighting costs, flight cancellations and delays, and current and long-term residual health effects on those affected by dirty air.

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Weather forecasters expect about 9 million acres of land to burn by the end of the year, and could be at greater risk due to wind events that could exacerbate the fire situation in California.