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According to reports, the hunt for suspects was on in Wisconsin this week after four adults from neighboring Minnesota were found dead inside an SUV inside an SUV.

As the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports, none of the shooting victims — two men, two women — have any direct links to Dunn County, Wisconsin, where the bodies were found.


According to Granthshala 9 of Minneapolis, the deaths are being investigated as homicide.

All those killed were from the St. Paul area. He was identified as 30-year-old Nitosha Lee Flug-Presley; Matthew Isiah Pettus, 26; Loeys Foreman III, 35; and Jasmine Christine Sturm, 30.

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The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported that Pettus was Sturm’s half-brother and Foreman was Sturm’s lover. The report said that Flug-Presley was a lifelong friend of Sturm.

The Pioneer Press reported that the four were at St. Paul’s Bar on Saturday night and then left in a vehicle with someone. How they were wounded so far to the east of St. Paul is not clear, officials said. told the newspaper.

According to the Journal-Sentinel, investigators said he was fatally shot less than 24 hours after his body was found.

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“We can’t find any connection to this area other than a random exit from the Twin Cities,” Dunn County Sheriff Kevin Bygad told a news conference on Tuesday.

“We are not getting any connections from this area other than randomly exiting the Twin Cities.”

– Sheriff Kevin Bygad, Dunn County, Wisconsin

Investigators also have yet to ascertain the motive for the murder, which Bygd called a “mystery”. He said it doesn’t seem to be linked to drugs or organized crime, Journal Sentinel.

“It’s extremely unusual for this area,” Bygad said, adding that he’s never seen a quadruple killing before. “Obviously we’ve had murders over the years, but something of this magnitude — in my 33rd year working for Dunn County, and this is my first time.”

The bodies were found about 70 miles northeast of St. Paul, Minnesota, according to Granthshala 9.

The SUV was driven off a rural road to a corn field and abandoned before the suspects were taken to another vehicle, Bygad said, Kansas City Star.

Pettus’ brother Zack Pettus said that Sturm and Foreman had five children together. Star Tribune of Minneapolis.