45 dogs rescued from Indonesia meat market flown to North America to start new lives

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Dozens of dogs rescued from an illegal slaughterhouse in Indonesia by officials and volunteers from a non-profit are now being sent to North America to find loving homes.

A total of 53 dogs were retrieved by Indonesian police with the assistance of the Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI) coalition, which continues despite restrictions in several countries as part of an ongoing crackdown against the dog meat industry. Of these, 45 will travel to North America and will be put up for adoption.

According to the Humane Society International (HSI), the dogs were found in sacks in the back of a truck as it arrived at a notorious slaughterhouse, which was reported to kill an average of 30 dogs per day.

The HSI said in a release that 45 dogs – including puppies born to some dogs who were heavily pregnant when rescued – were smuggled into Sukoharjo on a grueling 365-mile journey from West Java.

The dogs were rescued with the intervention of the authorities and taken for medical treatment by the non-profit. Many of them had painful skin diseases at the time of rescue and required treatment at the DMFI shelter for shock, dehydration, malnutrition and deep wounds from the nets used to capture them.

Now HSI is bringing these dogs to North America where they will first settle in a temporary shelter and be evaluated before they are made available for adoption.

“They were skin and bones, dehydrated, weak and bewildered, suffering from deep trauma and horrific wounds from their capture,” said Lola Weber, HSI’s director of the “End Dog Meat” campaign. . dogs.

“Now that they have recovered, flying them to North America will give them the best chance of a loving home where they can play with toys, sleep in soft beds, and enjoy all that tummy massage.” would get what they ever wanted.”

Ms Weber, who lives in Bali, said the dog meat trade has already been banned in 19 jurisdictions across Indonesia. However, business continues despite attempts by the authorities to shut down the network.

“I hope the government will take the next step of banning this horrific trade for good so that more dogs do not face this cruelty in the future,” she said.

2021 nationwide opinion polls show that only a small minority of Indonesians, about 4.5 percent, consume dog meat and that 93 percent of all Indonesians support a ban on the dog meat trade.

Despite this, conservative estimates suggest that over a million dogs are stolen, smuggled, slaughtered and sold for human consumption a year.

Many of them are pets that are snatched from their homes or streets and slaughtered in markets or slaughterhouses.

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