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With Jimmy Garoppolo’s whirlwind season San Francisco 49ers Sunday took a surprising and unfortunate turn when starting quarterback Trey Lance suffered a season-ending ankle injury.

The incident paved the way for Garoppolo’s return as QB1, which he easily recovered with a 27–7 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.


But in addition to being able to prove himself as a starting quarterback in the NFL, Garoppolo’s chance to play also had a $350,000 bonus as his share. Newly restructured contract.

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Late last month, the Niners agreed to a newly restructured contract that Keep Grappolo on as the backup quarterback, And the highest paid one at that. The move came after San Francisco failed to find any opportunities for the young quarterback, who was relegated just months after leading the 49ers to the NFC Championship.

he agreed to reduce his 2022 salary A chance to make more in roster and playing time bonuses with an un-guaranteed $24.2 million to $6.5 million guaranteed.

Jimmy Garoppolo tosses his towel to the fans


According to reports, those bonus breaks include $250,000 if he plays at least 25% of the snap and an additional $100,000 if the 49ers win. Meaning, Garopolo could earn $5.6 million in bonuses through the regular season.

“It’s definitely proved to be a very smart move for us,” defensive end Nick Bossa said on Sunday. “The fact that we have a quarterback who has already done a lot for this organization and he has all the experience, and the fact that we bring him back is huge for our team. We do that for him. Excited, but obviously we’re hurting for Trey.”

Jimmy Garoppolo runs the ball

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Lance underwent surgery on Monday morning to repair a broken bone and ligament defect in his right ankle. San Francisco said in a statement that he “is expected to make a full recovery in time for a full return to the 2023 season.”