5 books not to miss: Nick Offerman, John le Carré’s final novel and more this week

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Looking for some good reading? Granthshala’s Barbara VanDenberg expands the shelves for the release of this week’s hottest new books. All the books are on sale October 12th.

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1. “Where Deer and Antelope Play: Where Deer and Antelope Play: Pastoral Overview of an Ignorant American Who Loves to Hang Out,” by Nick Offerman (Dutton, nonfiction)

what is this about: Actor, writer and humorist Offerman (“Parks and Recreation”) takes a trip into the Free Lands for some intense meditation on our relationship with the land, from backyards to majestic national parks.


buzz: “A hoot-and-half for the fans who are sometimes helpless wanderers,” says kirkus review.

2. “On animals,” By Susan Orlean (Avid Reader Press, Nonfiction)

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what is this about: The author of “The Orchid Thief” and “The Library Book”, a collection of stories from how humanity lives with animals, including chickens in Orlean’s own backyard, 23 tigers a New Jersey woman keeps as pets And the world’s most famous whale.

buzz: “Another winner featuring the author’s trademark mix of careful research and brilliant writing,” says one starred review From Kirkus Reviews.

3. “Silverview,” by John Le Carr (Viking, fiction)

what is this about: Julian Laundsley leaves his city job for a simple life running a bookstore in an English town by the sea. There he meets Edward, a strange Polish expatriate and his father’s classmate, who had been recruited into the service, but Julian senses something is off. this is late master of spy fictionHis last, posthumous novel.

buzz: “It’s a fitting coda for a remarkable career,” says Publishers Weekly.

4. “The Brides of Markur,” by Gregory Maguire (William Morrow, fiction)

what is this about: “Wicked” author Maguire debuts the novel in a three-book series featuring the Wicked Witch of West Alphaba’s granddaughter, Ren, who washes an exotic island with little memory and is taken over by a mysterious community of women. Is.

buzz: “An expertly crafted introduction to a new range of magic and adventure,” adds one starred review From Kirkus Reviews.

5. “No one will remember him,” By Kat Rosenfeld (William Morrow, Fiction)

what’s it about: The most hated woman in her rural Maine town, Lizzie Oulette, has died. Her husband is missing and the community is discredited, and has an awkward relationship with Adrienne Richards, the famous social media influencer and wife of the disgraced billionaire.

buzz: “Rosenfield sheds a light on the issues of classism, jealousy and wasted potential,” says one starred review From Publishers Weekly.

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