5 most popular common Pokémon from Kanto

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    The normal Pokémon lineup in Kanto is amazing and has many fans.

    Normal type can be the most boring Pokémon type, although Pokémon are not very boring. Even popular Pokémon such as Persian and Kangshan did not make this list. There is no shortage of good normal Pokemon in Kanto.

    Note: This list is subjective and only reflects the opinion of the author.

    5 Most Popular Normal Pokémon from Kanto

    # 5 – Pizzot

    Image via DesCom (Youtube)“>
    Image via DesCom (Youtube)

    The most iconic Bird Pokemon, Peugeot has been on teams of countless Pokémon trainers. Blue’s Pizzot wreaked havoc on everyone on their first play through the Kanto Games. Pijot was also given a mega form later on the Pokémon series.

    # 4 – Tauros

    Image via Pokemon Wiki“>
    Image via Pokémon Wiki

    Who can forget the entire hoard of Tauros. The unforgettable Tarot anime has a significant amount of screen time, as Ash has 30 of them. Due to this amazing damage and speed, this Pokémon was a major threat in the competitive scene and could easily champion a player.

    # 3 – Snorlax

    Image via Pokemon Wiki“>
    Image via Pokémon Wiki

    The sleeping giant, Snorlax, had an immovable wall in Kanto. Players were required to use PokeFlute to awaken it. If the player catches it, it can easily carry them throughout the game. It has a mountain of HP and an excellent attack state.

    Ash’s snorlax through the islands of Orange was a storm and indeed a threat. Indeed, Snorlax was one of the first catches of Snorlax on its journey through the Orange Islands.

    # 2 – Meowth

    Image via Pokemon Wiki“>
    Image via Pokémon Wiki

    Team Rocket’s beloved mascot, Meowth, is still a big character in the anime. Meowth is not just a character, he is a character. He This is the most screen time for any Pokemon in the entire series.

    wth is the only known Pokémon that can talk. Of course, Manafi can say a few words, and Mewato can communicate telepathically, but that doesn’t count. Meowth was also named Gigantamax in the latest main series games – Pokémon Sword and Shield.

    # 1 – Ewe

    Image result for eevee pokemon anime“>

    Eevee is one of the most popular Pokemon of all time. Being able to develop into any one of the seven, Ewere can find a place in virtually any team.

    Eevee will likely continue to receive new developments in new games, although no one will know how long that happens. Ewe is also the cover art of one of the Pokémon games – Pokémon Let’s Go.

    Published 05 February 2021 02:36 AM

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