TORONTO — Conservative partly to oppose virtual parliament, Atlantic Canada faces a major storm, and B.C. evacuees may be eligible for financial aid. Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

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1. Hybrid Parliament: Conservative lawmakers will oppose a government motion in the House of Commons today to return to a hybrid format that has allowed lawmakers to virtually participate in proceedings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Weather of East Coast: Last week, a devastating storm swept across BC and caused massive amounts of flooding and evacuations. Now, Atlantic Canada is facing an upcoming hurricane due to similar atmospheric conditions.


3. Withdrawal Assistance: There will be qualified evacuation from BC’s flood-affected communities $2,000. receiving support payments Per family, via the Canadian Red Cross, the government announced Tuesday.

4. Gas Prices: US President Joe Biden on Tuesday authorized the release of oil reserves in hopes of curbing high energy costs, but a Canadian expert says it will not be enough to reverse rising gas prices and may in fact be followed by There may be a small increase.

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5. Generational Wealth: Children from many affluent families are receiving “significant money” from their parents after secondary education, a first home and new business, a study of high-net-worth families has found.

One more thing…

Asteroid Redirect: A NASA spacecraft that will intentionally crash into an asteroid is preparing to launch this week.