Toronto – Canada has now fully vaccinated 78.06 percent of the country’s population. What else you need to know to start your day.

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1. Campaign Demonstrators: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau says sexist insults about his wife by a protester have crossed limits, forcing him to respond.

2. Truth Tracker: Earlier this week, both Liberals and New Democrats promised to introduce legislation that would make it illegal for protesters to block hospital admissions, but legal experts say those laws already exist.


3. Advance Election: About 5.8 million people have taken advantage of advanced voting to cast their votes in federal elections.

4. Flu Season: Last year’s flu season in Canada saw very few cases amid tight public health restrictions across the country. But as fall approaches, experts say we may be seeing another relatively mild flu season.

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5. First Time Voters: A famous Syrian refugee who became a chocolatier in Nova Scotia is celebrating after voting for the first time in a federal election.

One more thing…

survival of the fittest: A new study from the University of Bath in the UK suggests that all modern snakes evolved from a few species that managed to survive the huge asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs.