A birthday party being held in a conference room at the Ramada Inn turned violent on Friday night, resulting in six hospitalizations.

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Police said a brawl broke out between some people present at the party, which turned into gunfire. Paramedics took the three gunmen to the hospital.


Two of them had non-fatal wounds, but the third suffered serious injuries.

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Police said three more people went to the hospital in private vehicles. The trio suffered non-fatal injuries, but officials confirmed that one of them was a boy, who was just 13 years old.

A disturbance at a birthday party in Cedar Rapids, Iowa escalated into a shootout Friday night that injured six people, including a 13-year-old boy, police said. (Photo by Jens Buttner / Images aligned via Getty Images)

“This senseless and unforgivable act is another example of those in our community making the conscious decision to use firearms illegally,” Police Chief Wayne German said in a statement. News release. “Those who continue this illegal behavior should be held accountable for their actions, fully prosecuted, and removed from our community.”

Officials have no suspects at this time, but they are hoping that another party participant will come forward and help with the investigation.

Cedar Rapids Police expressed their gratitude to the Lynn County Sheriff’s Office, the Iowa State Patrol and the Marion Police Department for helping manage “this large crime scene.”

“I would like to acknowledge the heroic actions of all responding law enforcement officers, emergency first responders, as well as medical personnel in hospitals where the injured were treated.”

This story was reported from Atlanta.