6 Times Boris Johnson Admitted He Was A Climate Change Sceptic

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The Prime Minister is currently in New York for climate change talks with the United Nations.

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Boris Johnson has admitted he was skeptical about climate change in the past, while in New York on Monday to promote “green development”.

The prime minister’s visit to the US comes six weeks before Glasgow hosts the UN climate summit, COP26.


Johnson’s confession followed a dispute with his newly appointed business secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, who used to climate change denial on twitter

Addressing his past climate skepticism, the prime minister defended his new minister.

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“If you dig into some of my articles from 20 years ago,” he said when he was a newspaper columnist, they might include comments “not entirely supportive of the current struggle” against the climate crisis.

Johnson said: “But facts change and people change their minds and they change their minds and that’s very important too.”

However, here is a collection of quotes from Johnson that negate the basic facts of climate change, which are actually less than 20 years old.

1. Supporting Pierce Corbyn Who Climate Scientists Claim Is ‘Wrong’

In January 2010, Johnson expressed his support for climate change denialist, and Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, Piers Corbyn, when he claimed that the leading climate scientist was “wrong”.

write in Wire, Johnson said Corbyn’s weather forecast was accurate “85% of the time” and then notes Corbyn’s speculation that we were in a mini ice age.

Johnson said: “I don’t know if his methods are correct. But when many of his forecasts seem to be coming true and when he’s consistently so ahead of the Met Office, I guess I want to know more.

2. Questioning the phrase ‘climate warming’

In January 2013, Johnson wrote in another Telegraph pillar: “I am in favor of theories of climate change, and will not for a moment dispute the wisdom or good intentions of the vast majority of scientists.

“But I am also an empiricist; and I see that something is happening to our winter season, and to call it ‘summer’ is obviously to strain the language.”

In the same article, he referred again to Pierce Corbyn’s claim that the Earth is entering a mini ice age due to solar activity, “I have an open mind”.

This is the same tactic used by former US President Donald Trump to denounce the existence of climate warming.

3. Summer in December has ‘nothing to do with global warming’

In December 2015, he wrote The. was written in Wire: “The winter air may make us all sweat, but remember, we humans have always placed ourselves at the center of cosmic events.

“I’m sure those global leaders were motivated by a primitive fear that the current ambient hot weather is somehow caused by humanity; and that fear – as far as I understand the science – is equally groundless. There may be reasons why I was sweating in ping-pong [in December] – but they do not include global warming.”

5. Tsunami of 2004 has ‘nothing to do with global warming’

johnson said The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that swept Indonesia from the Indian Ocean – known as the deadliest tsunami in history – “had nothing to do with global warming”.

Writing shortly after the natural disaster, Johnson said: “There is no evidence that the planet is suffering from extreme weather patterns associated with climate change.”

Top scientists at the time were linking the disaster to rising sea levels.

6. Favoring Fracking Over Wind Farms

In 2012, Johnson described fracking – Injecting high-pressure liquid into rocks to extract oil or gas – as a “miracle”.

He said earthquakes that were triggered by fracking were common, adding that critics “cannot bear a piece of good news without adulteration”.

Still, when it came to securing wind turbines, Johnson noted that “there can be no justification for crucifying our landscape with wind farms that, even when in motion, can be blown away by rice pudding.” Will pull the skin hard.”

So what’s changed?

Some attribute Johnson’s renewed enthusiasm for tackling the climate crisis to his wife, Carrie Johnson, a proud conservationist.

In 2020, he said at a press conference in London: “The evidence is overwhelming and this phenomenon of global warming is taking its toll on the most vulnerable populations around the planet.”

Still, his Energy Minister Claire O’Neill quit his role as COP26 chairman the same month, telling the BBC he was doing politics rather than trying to fix the issue.

She said: “The prime minister has made incredibly heated statements about this over the years. He has also admitted that he doesn’t really understand it.

Johnson tried to advocate for a move to green policies in April 2021, as it would lead to more jobs. He said this green shift was development, “not expensive bunny-hugging”.

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