62 per cent of Americans want Roe v Wade left alone

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As the US Supreme Court seeks to investigate the legal challenge to two historic cases of abortion – weed weed And Planned Parenthood vs Casey – A new survey finds that nearly two-thirds of Americans want abortion rights to remain enshrined and legal precedent upheld.

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In A Monmouth University Survey Released on Monday, 62 percent of Americans said the decision weed weed, which has protected abortion as a right, should remain in place. NS Roe deer The decision established abortion as a medical procedure, protected from undue government interference by the Constitution’s Due Process Clause, which the US Supreme Court determined creates a “right to privacy” for patients.

62 percent of those who support legal abortion differ about whether the procedure should be legal at all times. Twenty-four percent of the total respondents said it should be limited on certain occasions, such as when embryos are close to viability, while a third (33 percent) said it should always be legal.


Only 35 percent of respondents said the procedure should always be illegal or illegal, with rare exceptions, suggesting that Republican leaders in Texas, Mississippi and other states are pursuing widely unpopular policies at a time when the GOP is on the national side. Trying to make my case. Platform as the opposition party of the Democrats, who have suffered somewhat in some elections due to the optics of the chaotic US withdrawal from Kabul last month.

The Supreme Court announced Monday that oral debate in a landmark Mississippi case on a law banning abortion after 15 weeks into pregnancy will begin on December 1. The case comes to the fore when lawyers have explicitly argued in legal filings that the precedent establishes the right to an abortion. weed weed was wrong, and should be overturned. Doing so would end the guarantee of abortion rights for every person in America, and open a wider door for future restrictions on the procedure by conservatives.

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The GOP currently holds minorities in both houses of Congress, and is hoping to win a majority at least once next year. The party suffered a major defeat in January when the Georgia runoff lost two US Senate seats to now-sans Rafael Warnock and John Osoff. The traditionally red Georgia Electoral College vote also flipped blue for President Joe Biden in November after the defeat.

Controversy erupts over the restrictive Texas abortion ban, which took effect earlier this month, which bans abortions after six weeks and rewards state residents for pursuing legal challenges against individuals accused of violating the ban. which was one of the factors responsible for the collapse. The GOP-led effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom in California, who for weeks at risk of losing, easily defied the challenge on election night.

Abortion rights activists are watching the Mississippi case with trepidation; While that had been unthinkable in previous years, the court’s new strong conservative majority as a result of three additions to former President Donald Trump’s bench kept the fortunes. weed weed in potential danger. A few weeks ago, the court shocked the Left by refusing to act in the Texas case, allowing the nation’s most restrictive abortion law to take effect.

The Monmouth Poll surveyed the results of a survey of 802 adults in the US between September 9 and 13, 2021. The margin of error in the survey is 3.5 percentage points.

Credit: www.independent.co.uk / abortion

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