65,000 signatures reached petition to ban Sia’s film ‘Music’

    “It implements the idea that autistic people are not good enough”

    A petition was launched to cancel the Golden Globe nomination for Siya’s film music Has reached more than 65,000 signatures.

    The Change.org petition calls the film “severely competent” and says that it “contributes to the harmful stereotype of autistic people”.

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    Nina Skov Jensen and Rosanna Katjia, who described themselves as “autistic” and “autism allies”, respectively, started the petition together.

    He wrote in the official description: “Sia has claimed that the film is ‘a love letter to the autism community’, however, the music segments are filled with strobing lights, colors, loud sounds and quick camera movements, which are very exaggerated. is.

    “About 4 autistic people have epileptic seizures, so the film can cause seizures and is very uncomfortable for those without it. Despite making a film for ‘autistic people’, Sia made it in such a way that most of us would be unable to watch it. “

    Explaining the role of Maddy Zegler, who played the titular character in the film, Jensen and Kataja say the actress “stereotypically mimics autistic people, in the same way that autistic people have been bullied and made fun of their entire lives.” has gone.

    He says: “It also applies the idea that autistic people are not good enough and that autism is better portrayed by someone with a concept.”

    The petition calls for the cancellation of his nomination for the Golden Globes music, Which received approval for Best Musical / Comedy Picture and Best Musical / Comedy Actress for Kate Hudson.

    In the one-star review of the film, NME Said: “It all cuts off with a pastel-toned dream-like dance routine that hit the middle of the Sugar Katy Perry pop confection and the 1930s town of Berkeley Showstopper.

    “The Sia-Pen soundtrack is sung extensively by Hudson, whose decent vocals are perhaps the film’s saving grace, but it’s still not enough to make music A Sound Proposal. “

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