NS apple watch series 7 Officially announced with a new refined look centered around a bigger screen and several improvements. For those considering a move to (or upgrade) Apple’s smartwatch, are this year’s updates enough to convince you to do the same?

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While the Apple Watch Series 7 doesn’t have some of the rumored health sensors like blood pressure monitoring, temperature sensing, or glucose monitoring, that doesn’t mean it still can’t help keep track of your health. For one, it now has more workouts around cycling, including an understanding of how e-bikes affect your health. Those rumored sensor features may still come to future models.

The new Apple Watch won’t be released until later this fall, so you still have a little time to decide whether you’re going to upgrade right away. If you’re on the fence, below is a comprehensive list of all the ways in which the Apple Watch Series 7 is getting better than the Series 6, as well as previous models. Importantly, the Apple Watch also remains the same in one key area around the watch band.


If the revamped look, colors and features are already appealing, here’s Apple’s guide unpairing apple watch To make sure all your data is saved and carried over to the new smartwatch.

Large display size, refined look

The Apple Watch Series 7 isn’t the fundamental design change that some thought it might be, but it’s been continually refined and refined. Like the previous release, the new Apple smartwatch focuses on increasing the screen size to show more details.

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Apple says the new Series 7 Watch has 20 percent more screen area than the Series 6. (The new model has 50 percent more screen area than the Series 3, which is still being sold.) This comes from pushing the viewable area all the way through. Edge; At certain angles it looks like the watch face seeps through the edge. Although the casing doesn’t look all that different, Apple says it’s refined and has soft edges.

Importantly, despite the larger viewing area, the Apple Watch remains roughly the same physical size on the wrist. It just gets more screen size.


A minor but helpful update comes to the always-on aspect of the watch. The Series 7 watch is 70 percent brighter indoors when it is no longer active. This means that when your wrist is down, and you look up, the screen will be easier to read in all lighting conditions.

new watch faces

Since there’s more surface area on the Series 7 Apple Watch, you have a number of new faces to choose from that take advantage of the screen size. There’s a new analog watch face that lines the edge of the display, with numbers bumping along the perimeter. There is also a new digital infograph face that allows two large widgets to be used simultaneously for the first time.

new colors

There are five new aluminum colors in the Apple Watch Series 7. That content will be available in Red, Blue, Green, Midnight and Starlight. Stainless steel and titanium material options are also likely to be at higher price points.

Apple introduced somewhat similar colors last year, but it looks like the Series 7’s colors are slightly darker and more saturated than the Series 6.

fast charging

The Apple Watch Series 7 has the same advertised battery life, but gets a few updates to its battery charging. Firstly, the Series 7 will charge 33 per cent faster and will charge the watch from zero to 80 per cent in 45 minutes.

If you don’t have that long, you can get up to eight hours of sleep tracking time from just eight minutes of charging time. The improvement in charging speed comes from an updated charging architecture and fast-charging USB-C cable. Apple previously sold a watch charger with USB-C, but now it will come in a box.

update interface

One of the most subtle updates to the Series 7 is likely to be the updated (namely bigger) buttons and text. Apple says it has redesigned the buttons and text in all of its apps and user interactions. The calculator’s buttons, as an example, are large for easy touch goals. However, it’s not just the big buttons; Now there is a real keyboard for typing messages using only the watch.

According to Apple, more text fits on the screen so you’ll scroll less in apps like iMessage. In practice, it remains to be seen how useful these interface improvements are when using a larger screen. However, some people want the buttons and text to be smaller, so most people should welcome the correction.

better durability

Large screens have been improved in other ways beyond raw size. Apple says the top crystal is 50 percent thicker and more crack resistant than the Series 6.

The Series 7 is also more dust resistant with an IP6X rating. Personally, this hasn’t been an issue for me, but the more dust, dirt, and atmosphere the watch can keep out, the better it is for people to take their watch in filthy conditions. The new watch still has the same water resistance, which is up to 50 metres.

same band compatibility

Despite the ever-slightly updated case and larger screen size, all previous Apple Watch bands remain compatible with the Series 7 watch. Anyone who has invested a lot of money into fashionable watch bands over the years can breathe a sigh of relief. The bands originally brought in for early models will still snap just fine.

There’s no guarantee that previous Apple Watch bands will remain compatible with all models indefinitely, but it’s a good sign that they’ll do well in the future. While a new rugged sports watch variant may introduce another type of band, the main line of Apple Watch models has a solid track record of retaining compatibility.

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