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More than 13,000 children nationwide have enrolled in Moderna’s trial of the COVID-19 vaccine, including 9-year-old Althea Madden of Kentucky.

Althea told the local outlet, “My tours were as simple as what my dad said… a simple shot, a blood draw,” WYMT. “There was also a swelling in one nose and we did a couple of telemeds.”


Althea’s father, Dr. Jared Madden, an orthopedic surgeon from Manchester, and mother Kerry, In an effort to protect her youngest daughter, to help with research efforts, and to encourage others that the vaccine is safe, she decided to vaccinate her youngest daughter through a trial.

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Other families “may not know virology, they may not know immunology but they do know that Dr. Madden’s child had it,” Jared said of the vaccine. “[I don’t] something to get, and if [my] daughter can do it [another] Child.”

Moderna has been administering it coronavirus Vaccination in children 6 months to 12 years of age as part of a phase 2/3 study called KidCove. The vaccine, which has already received emergency use authorization in the US, is currently only approved for adults 18 years of age and older. The company expects data on the shot’s efficacy among 5-11-year-olds in late fall or early winter, Insider informed of.

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WYMT reports that Althea was vaccinated at a pediatrics office in Lexington. Dr. George Fuchs, principle investigator of the Modern Security Study at the University of Kentucky, calls young trial participants inspiring.

“Children really are heroes and so are parents, it’s beyond words how meaningful this is,” Fuchs told the outlet.

Althea received two injections over the summer, and had a blood test to measure her antibody levels. According to local reports, soon, she will know whether she has received the vaccine or the placebo.

“It doesn’t hurt. After getting the shot I was completely fine and have nothing to fear,” she told WYMT.