A major trend that has changed the wedding shopping experience

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    A major trend that has changed the wedding shopping experience

    A decade ago, if we wanted to host a wedding, we had to scale great lengths on foot to visit store after store just to check off the endless wedding shopping lists. Be it flowers for the house, clothes for the bride and groom, or even wedding favors. Everything required a visit to a brick and mortar store. 

    But, in the recent past, this has changed. How has it changed you ask? Anything and everything that we might require for our daily lives or occasions can be ordered online with a few taps on on mobile phones and laptops via bridal shopping apps or e-commerce websites. Whether you’re looking for the perfect venue to host your cocktail night or that designer bridal lehenga online for the wedding ceremony, it is now possible to place an order for just about anything without having to move from the couch! 

    Now, do you think that this is a boon or a bane? We believe that this is an absolute blessing in disguise. Who wouldn’t want to plan and host a wedding through such simplistic and convenient measures? If you’re looking for a wedding planner, decorator or caterer to impress your wedding guests, all one has to do is set up virtual meetings to go over the details, place an order using online shopping app and get a lot of tasks out of the way before the wedding. 

    Almost every retailer, designer or wedding service provider has taken the digital route, and set up shop online or now they have their own bridal shopping apps. This allows them to showcase their extensive collections and services to a larger audience around the world. This also helps brides to choose a super exclusive outfit or customised jewellery for the wedding festivities from any store, regardless of their location. 

    Online shopping and virtual weddings:

    Earlier, we said that shopping online has been a boon. This has allowed many families and friends to host “lockdown weddings”. Even when the world almost came to a standstill last year, people went on with their daily lives and a lot of them got married, as well. This was possible only through the means of shopping through e-commerce websites and bridal apps. 

    Wedding planners and decorators were able to manage and conduct weddings just by talking to the host families via voice and video calls. Families were able to order their daily essentials, as well as, items required for the wedding ceremonies comfortably and safely. 

    The future of shopping:

    With almost every business going digital, we strongly believe that the whole concept of shopping has been revolutionised. When pulling off a major task such as planning a wedding has become all the more easier, and with people embracing this change wholeheartedly, bridal shopping apps and e-commerce websites will only flourish that much more in the foreseeable future. 

    With that being said, it is also wise to read reviews and shop on legitimate, trustworthy platforms. That takes a considerable amount of time, energy and research. But, all is well when the gorgeously wrapped box with your wedding lehenga arrives right at your doorstep. Don’t you agree with us?

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