A mystery group of YouTubers is trying to buy a tiny town in rural Tennessee

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Country music stars, Hollywood studios and an unknown group of YouTubers are racing to buy a small town in Tennessee after its owners have listed it for sale for the very reasonable price of $725,000.

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Water Valley, a once thriving settlement about 43 miles outside Nashville, has its first grave dating back to 1808 and even has its own railway stop, but its legal status as a city dates back to 1959. Lost when its post office closed.

But now the last remains of the city are to get caught, and vendors have been flooded with inquiries from families, charities, filmmakers, and a large number of curious time-wasters.


Real estate broker Krista Swartz told Granthshala That it had also received interest from a group of “extremely popular” YouTubers, hoping to acquire and restore it.

“They are still working to get some investors to back them up so they can make a legitimate offer on this,” he said, adding that sellers were open to considering them.

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Other potential buyers include “country music stars, pilots, retired couples, and many large families with lots of kids,” as well as nonprofit groups interested in turning it into a veterans retreat.

Water Valley has not technically been a city since it lost its post office.

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Water Valley has not technically been a city since it lost its post office.

There has also been interest from Hollywood studios and a location company, but Ms. Swartz said the current owners do not want it to be a mere screen backdrop.

“I’ve never done anything close to this, in the fourteen years I’ve been a pimp,” she said. “People are completely out of woodworking… I got 223 inquiries before noon yesterday. It’s probably the only city I’ll ever sell to in my career.”

He told fox 11: “You can totally be your own mayor. Everything else will be yours too, though… the cleaner and the mayor and the barkeeper. You can be the owner of the antique store.

“If you get Water Valley you have to make decisions and make rules for your small town.”

A picture from the early forties

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A picture from the early forties

When the gardens died, the city followed

The list includes two plots of land totaling seven acres, including four pre-1900 general stores, an old barn and a large area. There are about 15 current residents, some with pets and livestock.

The town was originally known as Spencer’s Mill, and in 1824 recorded 61 electors as well as 14 slaves. Tennessee was a slave state until the end of the Civil War in 1865.

It was renamed Water Valley in 1874, apparently due to regular floodwaters from nearby Leiper Creek, and by the end of the 19th century it had a doctor’s office, a dentist, blacksmiths, a church, a schoolhouse, There was another grist mill. Many general stores.

Subsequently, Ms. Swartz told GranthshalaThe city was known for its orchards, but the introduction of pine trees brought a disease that killed apple trees. After that, commerce declined, trains moved, and in 1959 it was no longer legally a city.

Today almost everything is gone, but the five remaining structures and two parcels of land remained in concentrated ownership, with what is now a group of four lifelong Tennessees who are extended families.

Also included in the list is an old barn, once used for the livestock trade.

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Also included in the list is an old barn, once used for the livestock trade.

Sellers Want to Preserve Its History

Ms Swartz said the four owners are “not incredibly wealthy” but want to sell it to someone who will roughly keep it in its current form, so that “you can walk in and smell it and see what our What would the grandparents have smelled and seen?

Several callers and Ms. Swartz herself compared the listing to the plot of the TV show Schitt’s Creek, about a wealthy family who lose their fortune and live in a small town they once bought as a joke. Was.

County officials will handle infrastructure such as roads and water. The average Tennessee house is less than double the price in the three months ending this June.

Ms. Swartz said: “It’s just the dreamiest, quietest, gentlest ride through some of the prettiest land in Tennessee. You can stop at any moment and find something to photograph…

“It could be a soda fountain or a candy shop or a homemade ice cream or antique store, or an event venue with music, or a bed and breakfast. It can be many different things and still preserve history and peace. “

However, any new buyer will have the task of restoring the buildings, only two of which have modern wiring and plumbing.

One, Ms. Swartz said, is still an old-fashioned cash register that maxes out at two dollars, while the other still has rolls of twine used to wrap products in brown paper.

Credit: www.independent.co.uk / Tennessee

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