ECD Automotive Design has revealed a modified Range Rover Classic with an engine that could overtake the Tesla known as Project Mercer.

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The firm is a vehicle customizer that restores classic luxury vehicles while adding modern performance. Each vehicle manufactured by ECD is one-time designed for an individual customer.

This vintage classic is supercharged by a powerhouse eight-speed automatic LT4 engine with 650 horsepower and 660 torque – making it one of the fastest vintage SUVs on the road.

“For a vehicle that is shaped like a box on wheels, we are proud of how we were able to build in so much incredible horsepower,” said co-founder of ECD Tom Humble.

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“The customer wanted speed, and our expert team at ECD had the skills to turn this decades-old RRC into one of the fastest things on the road for their vehicle class.”

Project Mercer can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 5.03 seconds. In a face-off against another ECD’s electric Range Rover Classic, the Project Ski, Project Mercer’s Classic engine beat the Tesla drivetrain from the line to 60 mph by just .41 seconds.

This unique build is painted in glossy Epsom green with black accents, including a Pinnacle-style grille and bumper for optimized on-road performance with 20-inch matte black Kahn Mondial wheels on Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires .

Inside, the classic Land Rover SRS wheels, original captain’s chairs and dashboard are all wrapped in Sandpiper Garrett leather, while the five-seat design incorporates Expresso Garrett leather with tan-colored single vertical diamond stitching on the seat buckets.

Watch ECD Automotive Design’s Range Rover surpass Tesla.

Sticking with the ECD’s mission of a modern luxury car while maintaining the legacy of the old Range Rover Classic, Project Mercer’s technological upgrades include Apple CarPlay compatibility, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a wireless charger, a smartphone charger, a backup camera, and more. Includes floating infotainment screen. , and sensor and blind spot assistant.