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British superstar songwriter’s first new music in six years Adele TODAY is out, marking his return after a long hiatus that saw a divorce and a remarkable physical transformation.

new song”easy on me, is an extra midtempo ballad that, like her other songs, reflects her real-life experiences. “Come on me, baby,” she sings. “I was still a baby / Feeling the world Didn’t get a chance to be around me / I didn’t have time to choose what I chose to do / So go easy on me.”


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The music video begins in black and white and is in the same location Adele used in her video for her 2015 hit single “Hello”.

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The song and video are part of “30” Her fourth full album, released on 19 November. Adele is actually 33 years old.

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Adele was candid in an Instagram Live over the weekend about what her new album “Divorce, babe, divorce” is all about. And, In a Twitter statement on Wednesday, she described the album as “the most turbulent period of my life to ride or die”.