In an interview conducted by Vogue, singer Adele admitted that one of her most prized possessions is a piece of gum chewed by Canadian icon Celine Dion.

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The English artist opened the doors of his Los Angeles home and answered a series of rapid-fire questions in a video posted to YouTube.

Asked what her proudest possession is, Adele presented the discarded gum and explained its origins.


“James Corden, who is a friend of mine but also does carpool karaoke, which I did, did it to him and knew how much I was a fan of him and so he made him spit his glue stick into a piece of paper, And he prepared it for me,” she said.

“It’s quite astonishing.”

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Corden, host of The Late Late Show with James Corden, confirmed the story during the latest episode that aired early Friday morning.

“Adele just loves Celine Dion,” Corden said. “I think she’s been impressed by him once she’s met him, which is rarely the case with Adele.”

She revealed that she was looking for a way to vent her gumption shortly before her carpool karaoke session with Dion began. Corden grabbed a piece of scrap paper for him to apply the gum to, but prevented him from folding the paper in order to preserve it. Then he gave glue and paper to an employee and asked him to keep it safe.

In a nearly 20-minute Vogue interview, Adele talks about her early career, the differences between England and America and even belting out a Tottenham Hotspur FC spell.

Adele released the single “Easy on Me” last Thursday ahead of the release of her upcoming album. The new project titled “30” is due to end on November 19.