Advocates call on Biden to support Iran protests as vigil held outside White House

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Supporters of women’s rights protests in Iran are calling on the Biden administration to be more vocal in supporting activists battling Tehran’s hardline religious regime’s policies.

The State Department has issued commentary through spokesmen in support of the escalating protests, while Joe Biden and Kamala Harris themselves have not publicly addressed the events at length.

,[W]We, of course, condemn the violence, brutality being displayed by Iran’s security forces. State Department spokesman Ned Price told a briefing last Monday that the ongoing violent repression of peaceful protests following the death of Mahsa Amini is appalling.

He added at the time: “We are following these developments closely. Iran’s leaders should be listening to the protesters, not firing at them. Unfortunately, this regime has been in a long history of using violence against those people.” History has been made for those who will peacefully exercise those universal rights.”

Mr Biden also addressed the “brave” protesters during his address to the UN General Assembly. He has said that the US will “inflict further costs on perpetrators of violence against peaceful protesters” and vowed to continue to “hold Iranian officials accountable and support Iranians’ rights to protest freely”, although it is not entirely It is not clear what all Americans will do.

Other than those resolutions, the US has not addressed the demonstrations with the eagerness that some would expect a US presidency that would support its commitment to human rights.

Some of those critics who want more acknowledgment and support from the Biden White House, mainly in the form of anti-Tehran policies, gathered in front of the residence on Monday evening as the storm gathered overhead.

in a statement to independent, A spokesman for the Organization of Iranian-American Communities urged the administration to move forward and stop talks with the regime at all. It’s probably not a main reason, if the Biden administration hasn’t been as vocal about the protests as some would like – the final stages of discussing a possible re-joining of the 2015 nuclear deal left to US negotiators under Trump. considered in. Presidency by America.

“Washington and other Western capitals must understand that the Iranian people have spoken and they want to overthrow this regime,” Dr. Ramesh Sephard stressed. He said: “No negotiation with this regime, no concessions, and no sanctions relief until the cruel rulers are held accountable.”

Others, such as Iran’s National Resistance Council president-elect Maryam Rajavi, want the Biden administration to take steps to “prevent further executions and killings of protesters”, although it is unclear how this was achieved without military force. can go. The NCRI also expects the White House or the State Department to publicly recognize “the Iranian people’s right to self-defense and the struggle to overthrow religious dictatorships to establish democracy and human rights.”

Protests have spread to dozens of places in Tehran and various provinces of Iran, as well as in response to the killing of a young woman in police custody after being detained for wearing a head covering.

The widespread unrest is some of the most significant Iran has seen in years and has caused the government in Tehran to crack down on civilians, with reports indicating that internet access is heavily restricted in the country.

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