Aerosmith: Run-DMC Upset Steven Tyler While ‘Walk This Way’

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    Aerosmith is a classic rock band, however, they helped create one of the most famous rap songs of the 1980s. Together with Run-DMC, he called “Walk This Way.” Made a famous rap-rock version of. However, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler was initially “pissed off” at Run-DMC. here’s why.

    Aerosmith | Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

    How Aerosmith made ‘Walk This Way’ with Run-DMC

    First, a little background. Aerosmith initially released “Walk This Way” as the track for their album Toys in the attic. As the song combined funk and rock, it proved how the band adapted to the fusing genres. This version of the song was released before rap music broke commercially. A new generation of fans was introduced to the track when Aerosmith re-recorded it with Run-DMC.

    During an interview with NME, Tyler called “Walk This Way.” Discussed the origin of the later version. “The song debuted at a soundcheck at HRC in Honolulu,” he recalled. “It was a real rhythmic thing. Our drummer Joey Kramer played with a funk band, and was always pushing James Brown. He Brought foul smell to the table. And Joe climbed on it and brought that ‘Walk this way’ chat. Gave himself a variety of grooves to rape. It annoyed me at first that they were not following the song, but they were following the rhythm. But I’m scared, and then I write the song. I wrote them on the wall of the hallway. They were so rhythmic that I didn’t have a melody line to follow so it was more [sings] “Backstreet lover, going under cover.”

    Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way”

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    Did Steven Tyler of Aerosmith think of rap music

    Although Tyler was working with a well-known rap group, he was not very familiar with the genre. “I really didn’t know too much about hip-hop at the time. I remember the time: You would get cassettes from DJs, great people, mostly downtown.” He While he only pretended to know a lot about hip-hop when he recorded “Walk This Way” with Run-DMC, he is now a huge fan of the genre.

    In addition, he says he feels honored to see that new generations have decided to fuse rap and rock together. The rap-rock version of “Walk This Way” paved the way for later rap-rock music, such as Linkin Park’s discography or Machine Gun Kelly’s album Tickets for my fall. In a similar vein, Tyler is happy that Aerosmith incorporated the rap into his work, saying that the band’s generosity helped keep him relevant.

    Run the DMC – walk this way. Aerosmith

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    How the world reacted to two versions of ‘Walk This Way’

    So the world called “Walk this way?” How did you react to this new version of? The original version of the track reached number 10 Billboard Hot 100. On the other hand, the song’s rap version peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. The run-DMC version of “Walk This Way” proved the song to be not good for the public in varying forms, also becoming a watermark in the history of rap-rock music.

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