Afghan judge killed in Jalalabad, third court officer in a month

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    Last month, Hafizullah was killed after two Supreme Court judges were shot dead in Kabul.

    An Afghan judge has been shot and killed in an ambush in the eastern city of Jalalabad, police said, the third court official killed in less than a month.

    Nangarhar province police spokesman Farid Khan said that Judge Hafizullah was attacked on Wednesday as he had gone to work in a motor trishwas.

    Gulzada Sangar, a doctor at Jalalabad Public Hospital, said Hafizullah had multiple bullet wounds.

    The assassination of Hafizullah, which many Afghans prefer, goes by just one name, after armed fighters shot and killed two female judges who worked for the Supreme Court in Kabul on 17 January.

    Many prominent Afghans – including judges, religious leaders, journalists, activists and doctors, are often murdered in assassination attacks.

    Targeted killings with remotely detonated bombs involving vehicles, or drive-by shootings, have become the preferred tactic of armed fighters during dawn, especially in large cities.

    Earlier on Wednesday, a policeman was killed and three others were injured in a bomb attached to his vehicle in Kabul.

    Four similar bombings shook the Afghan capital on Tuesday, including a prominent Muslim scholar.

    According to the SITE monitoring group, the assassination of Mohammed Atif was claimed by ISIL.

    ISIL has claimed some targeted killings in the Afghan capital.

    Governor Mohammad Omar Shirzad told reporters that four security personnel were killed overnight in a car bomb at a military base in the isolated southern province of Uruzgan.

    Despite ongoing peace talks between the Taliban and the government, deadly violence has increased throughout Afghanistan in recent months.


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