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Marjorie Eastman has a new mission.

Eastman, a veteran of both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, launched a campaign for the Senate on Tuesday in North Carolina’s key battleground state, joining a crowded and fiery Republican primary in the 2022 race, GOP Sen. Richard Tried to retire Burr. .


“I went to war to defend my country and fight for my beliefs. Today the mission has changed. Today the mission is here at home,” Eastman said in a statement. Campaign launch video.

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“At my core, I am a fighter,” Eastman insisted. “I’ve spent my entire career making America safe, and I want to continue that in the US Senate.”

Describing his conservative credentials, the first-time candidate said that “I am pro-life. I am pro-Second Amendment.”

And she showed that “I believe in term limits. Two terms and I’m out. I’m not there to pitch a tent and make it a career.”

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Eastman said the turbulent US withdrawal this summer and much of the criticism of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which ended America’s longest war, was a key catalyst for her decision to launch a Senate campaign.

She said in a statement, “Seeing the Biden administration’s complete and utter failure to get out of Afghanistan angered me as a soldier fighting there, and I knew it was time to stand up and fight again.” “

Eastman served a decade in the US Army and was awarded the Bronze Star and the Combat Action Badge. She is married to a fellow combat veteran and the two are parents to a school-age son.

He became the seventh Republican nominee in the race. The field includes former Gov. Pat McCrory, former Representative Mark Walker and Representative Ted Budd, who was endorsed by former President Trump earlier this year.

When asked how she can compete against candidates who are heavily well-known and funded, Eastman told Granthshala News, “I’m the only political outsider, veteran and female, in this race. There are others in this race. The three candidates have a combined more than 40 years running for political office. It’s the same time in politics as Joe Biden. Career politicians looking for their next taxpayer-funded paychecks while providing us zero results The revolving door must be stopped.”

Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley and state Senator Jeff Jackson are the leading Democrats among the eight candidates for their party’s nomination.

The race in North Carolina next year could be one of the few key contests that could decide whether the GOP regains the Senate majority it lost in the 2020 election cycle.

The chamber is evenly split 50/50, but Democrats control the chamber by a razor-thin margin due to Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote through her constitutional role as Senate President.

Republicans are quite the defense—they’re defending 20 of the 34 seats up for grabs, including open seats in the battlefields of North Carolina and Pennsylvania, as well as in Ohio, Missouri, and Alabama. But they see opportunities to turn blue seats into red in four states next year: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire.