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A human rights activist who helped organize a women’s rights protest in Kabul, days after the city fell into the hands of the Taliban, told Granthshala News that she and other Afghan protesters were against the extremist group, despite violence. Will continue to rally.

“It can be quite challenging for everyone to go out and still protest and protest, but that won’t stop people,” the activist said. “It won’t stop women.”


The woman, whose identity Granthshala News is not revealing to protect her from possible retaliation by the Taliban, said they would continue to protest and that resistance inside Afghanistan “will not remain silent.”

“We will still try to perform, but more thoughtfully and more carefully,” she said.

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Taliban special forces put an end to women’s protests

The woman told Granthshala News that she organized the protest in front of a Taliban outpost in Kabul. He said the Taliban later kidnapped one of the organizers.

“A friend of ours who attended a demonstration in Kabul was taken to Kabul University, where she was tortured,” she told Granthshala News. “He was beaten very badly.”

The activist said the Taliban saw the protesters. He said the protesters ignored him because they did not recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

“They were standing there, watching us,” Afghan told Granthshala News. “But we didn’t call them, because we don’t recognize them.”

According to the activist, for women under the Taliban in the later weeks of life as they regained control of the country, it meant less freedom. She also said that she does not believe the Taliban’s claim that they will change their behavior towards women and girls.

“The Taliban does not accept change,” she told Granthshala News. “They won’t change, and they haven’t changed. What they say and what they do are two completely different things.”

“We are not allowed to go to work,” said the woman. “My colleagues went to their offices to start their work, and they were [told]’You’re not allowed. Go back.'”

The woman told Granthshala News that “after the withdrawal of US security forces from Afghanistan and the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, we lost everything.”

“We lost our country, our country collapsed. We lost our hope,” he continued.

He blamed President Biden and other world leaders for the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

“People will never forget this,” the activist told Granthshala News. “History will never forget this.”

“And that’s because of the wrong decisions [Biden] And world leaders made that,” he continued. “You have a moral duty to correct your mistakes.”