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attorney general Merrick garlands Son-in-law’s education company promoted a book featuring an essay written by a one-time domestic terrorist bill airs.

Panorama Education, co-founded by Garland’s son-in-law Zaan Tanner, tweeted A list of book recommendations for teachers to enhance their own “social-emotional learning”.


“Looking for weekend reading?” The post reads, a . linking to book list. “Check out these 11 books for teachers to enhance your own socio-emotional learning.” The post appears to have since been taken down, but a cached version of it can be viewed online.

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One of the books recommended by Panorama Education is Teaching When the World is on Fire, edited by education activist Lisa Delpit.

The book is a collection of essays published in 2019, with an introductory essay written by none other than Ayers – a former co-founder and leader of the communist domestic terrorist organization Weather Underground.

“You should know that the system you’re going to get into hates Black and Brown and poor kids…” reads the essay, which was previously Flagged by the Washington Examiner. “I have face-to-face evidence that the system is organized to unfairly educate these children, and that it includes a shameful lack of resources, enforced racial segregation, dumb-down and Eurocentric curriculum as well as a rigid top-down pedagogy, and mystical rules and routines. Predictably result in social embarrassment and widespread exclusion.”

“We face an immediate challenge, then, if we are to join humanity in the colossal task of creating a just and caring world, and that begins with rejecting white supremacy – not just bigotry and Disdain backwardness, but also reject all those abhorrent structures and traditions,” Ayers also wrote.

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“This optics on justice, extends to a refusal to engage ‘multiculturalism’ or ‘diversity’ honestly with reality – to become traitors to race as we learn the loving art of solidarity in practice,” he continued. .

The book’s editor, Delpit, praised Iyer’s racially based essay, calling it “an excellent series for teaching when the world is on fire.”

Ayers was a national fugitive during his time in the Weather Underground, and was recognized as a driving force in the organization.

The ex-terrorist signed the group’s manifesto and participated in many of the organization’s terror attacks, including the 1970 NYPD headquarters bombing, the 1971 US Capitol bombing, and the 1972 Pentagon bombings, which killed him and his wife before the charges were dropped. was made a fugitive. for FBI misconduct.

Ayers detailed his involvement in the acts in his memoir Fugitive Days. He also co-authored another book dedicated to many, including controversial figures such as Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert Kennedy.

Panorama Education did not respond to a request for comment from Granthshala News.

Houston Keene is a reporter for Granthshala News Digital. You can find him on Twitter at @HoustonKeene.