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As Southwest Airlines And as its passengers continue to deal with hundreds of suddenly canceled flights, turmoil amid speculation the airlines’ vaccine mandate is coming into effect this fall, with “The Five” discussing whether President Biden The September order has no legal teeth, and why the airline initially blamed the cancellation on bad weather in the otherwise meteorologically calm United States.

The Texas-based airline and its pilots’ union denied any connection between the situation and the company’s mandate that employees be given the coronavirus vaccine shot.


Host Jesse Waters noted that US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has jurisdiction over air travel, but has been absent as the chaos intensifies:

“Mayor Pete’s hands are about to be full [as the holidays approach] – she is in charge. Where is Mayor Pete? All this Labor action before the holidays and Christmas?” he said of the Indiana Democrat.

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Waters said the vaccine mandate that Biden announced in a national address in September is a “mirage” because it has yet to be formally written down, reviewed by the necessary bureaucrats and has time to be implemented. has given:

“The rule is never written. It can’t be written. Once it’s written, it has to go through lawyers and then once it’s established, companies have six months to do anything, The need for Southwest and other jabs, he said, is still based on something in the abstract:

“[T]On a threat, a press release caused companies to line up. Now you are seeing the consequences of that threat.”

Waters said a Southwest employee in California told her she would be fired after 23 years because she would not submit to the vaccine injection.

“She said a lot of other people, other people on other airlines, they’re giving religious discounts. American Airlines [is because] They want to keep people. Southwest isn’t doing that. They’re being really strict with it, and he actually predicted action would be taken for something like this to happen.”

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“The next day, Monday, see what happens.”

Host Dana Perino later referred to Southwest’s early-season claim that it is no longer the 1980s when an airline could cancel because of the weather and riders would have to claim it at face value. Today, she said, we have cell phones and Internet connections that can tell if the weather is as problematic as advertised.

Later, host Greg Gutfeld stated that many of the airline’s employees and elsewhere who were fired or fired because they would not submit to the shot were not doing so out of a position of politics, but merely personal preference. or are considering:

“It’s about their families and the decisions they want to make about their bodies,” he said.

“But when the Left introduces politics, it becomes a prison of two ideas – either you are in favor of it or you are against it.”