Airport on La Palma reopens as volcanic eruption continues

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The airport on the Spanish Canary island of La Palma has reopened as lava continues to erupt from the volcano and ash clouds form in the surrounding area.

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Thousands of people were evacuated from the area after the Cambre Vieja volcano erupted last Sunday, sending lava flowing toward the sea.

Flights remain canceled despite the airport’s reopening. Spain’s airport operator Aina said the airport was reopened only after teams cleared the ashes from the runway.


Canary Island airline Binter said on Sunday it would keep canceling flights due to conditions. Hundreds of tourists have already been deported to the nearby island of Tenerife.

“The ash cloud resulting from the volcanic eruption makes it necessary to maintain a temporary halt of flights to La Palma … flights scheduled for today have been cancelled,” Binter said in a statement. “The stoppage will continue until the situation improves and the flight is allowed to take off, guaranteeing safety.”

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Experts said there were currently two active lava flows on Sunday, a fast moving northward and a slow southward one.

Miguel ngel Morcuende, director of the Volcano Response Committee Pevolca, said at a news conference, “We have a northward flow that is moving rapidly … This lava comes from the more interior areas of the crater and has a temperature of about 1,250 °C.” degree.” on Sunday.

The intensity of the blasts has increased in recent days, with three more villages being evacuated on Saturday. Officials said about 7,000 people were forced to leave their homes.

“Volcano monitoring measurements carried out since the start of the eruption marked the highest ever recorded energy activity during Friday afternoon,” emergency services said.

captured by drone footage Reuters The news agency showed a river of hot red lava flowing down the slopes of the crater as it passed homes on Saturday. A dark mass of slow-moving lava can also be seen engulfing the land and buildings.

No deaths have yet been reported as a result of the eruption, although it has destroyed crops on the island. Farming is La Palma’s main source of income, with approximately 7,413 acres of banana trees planted providing employment for more than 10,000 of the island’s 85,000 residents.

Spain’s tourism minister faced criticism on Tuesday for telling a local radio station that the blast was “a wonderful show”.

Emphasizing that the island be “open”, Reyes Marotto told Canal Sur radio: “There are no restrictions on visiting the island.

“On the contrary, we are providing information so that tourists know that they can visit the island and enjoy something unusual, see it for themselves.”


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