Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) shares tips to secure headshots in free fire

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    Free Fire is a famous Battle Royal title on the mobile platform developed and published by Garna. It sees 50 users parachuting on an island and fighting each other until the last team / player is alive and sown!

    Like many other sports, it is quite competitive courtesy of the current competitive system. Players aspire to reach higher levels and be the best among their peers. Various factors are necessary to improve overall gameplay, one of which is to target.

    Ajjubhai, aka Total Gaming, is one of India’s most luxurious and famous free fire content creators. Currently, they have a huge subscriber base of over 19.9 million. In his recent YouTube video, Dreamer shared a number of tips for players to improve their aim and hit more headshots.

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    Total Gaming Advice for Securing Headshots in Free Fire

    In the video, he mentions several things that can help users hit the headshot. Here are some of them:

    # 1 – Pulling the crosshairs

    Image via Arrow Gaming / YouTube“>
    Image via Arrow Gaming / YouTube

    To hit the headshot, users have to drag their thumbs slightly in the upward direction as they are shooting. This act makes it easy for them to land their shots on the enemies head.

    Nothing comes without practice, so it is recommended that players practice to improve the training ground.

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    # 2 – Sensitivity Settings

    Sensitivity settings also affect the users’ purpose in Gerna Free Fire and play an important role. Currently, the following sensibilities exist in the game:

    • Normal
    • Red dot
    • 2x scope
    • 4x scope
    • AWM Scope

    Users have to set them based on their preference, comfort and devices. Having the proper settings may enable them to land a greater number of headshots in free fire.

    Ajubhai mentions the following sensitivity settings in the video:

    Sensitivity settings mentioned in the video“>
    Sensitivity settings mentioned in the video

    # 3 – Gun Skins

    Gun skins in Free Fire“>
    Gun skins in free fire

    To a certain extent, gun skins affect the objective of the Garina Free Fire players because some of those figures lead to buffers. However, users are not required to hit headshots in the game.

    Apart from these, Total Gaming noted that character skills do not affect players’ ability to hit. Gamers can watch the full video below:

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    Published 01 February 2021 12:44 PM

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