Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) vs TGB: Who has better stats in Free Fire?

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    Ajjubhai, aka Total Gaming and TGB, are two of the most prominent free fire content producers in the Indian community. They have YouTube subscriber numbers of 20 million and 1 million respectively.

    This article compares the figures of two players in Garna Free Fire.

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    Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID and Stats

    Ajjubhai’s free fire ID is 451012596.

    Lifelong statistics

    Ajjubhaiâ????s lifetime stats

    When it comes to Duo mode, the popular YouTuber has played 1653 games and won 306 of them, giving his win rate of 18.51%. He In these matches, 731 frogates notched up with a K / D ratio of 6.3 not.

    Ajubhai has also played 898 singles games and has won 77, with a winning rate of 8.57%. He This mode kills 2267 at a K / D ratio of 2.76.

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    Rank statistics

    Ajjubhaiâ????s ranked stats

    Content Creator has also played 17 ranked doubles games and has only one win to his name, leading to a win rate of 5.88%. In the process, he has achieved 35 frags at a K / D ratio of 2.19.

    Ajjubhai has played 10 ranked singles matches and has 1 boah translating to a win rate of 10%. He 19 kills in these matches, with a K / D ratio of 2.11.

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    TGB’s Free Fire ID and Stats

    TGB’s Free Fire ID is 99366608.

    Lifelong statistics

    TGBâ????s lifetime stats

    Content Creator has 215 wins in 2184 doubles matches that he has played, giving his win rate of 9.84%. He Killed 5296 in this mode at a K / D ratio of 2.69.

    TGB has played 1526 single games and has 176 wins, which translates to a win rate of 11.53%. He His name in these matches is 3812 frags, with a K / D ratio of 2.82.

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    A post shared by TGB (@tamilgamersbrotherhood)

    Rank statistics

    TGBâ????s ranked stats

    Note: The statistics of this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as content creators continue to play more games in Free Fire.


    Roar Free Fire has good stats from both Ajjubhai and TGB.

    In lifelong doubles and squad matches, Ajubhai has an edge over TGB in terms of both the K / D ratio and the win rate. When it comes to lifelong solo games, TGB has better stats than Ajubhai.

    It is not possible to compare the comparison figures of the two content creators in Solo and Do modes because TGB has not played enough games. However, in ranked squad matches, TGB has a higher win rate, while Ajjubhai has a better K / D ratio.

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    Published 03 February 2021 08:44 AM

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