Al Pacino to honor the Actors Studio for the 75th anniversary

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where the actors are ready for the role

Beginning on October 5, 1947, the Actors Studio’s West 44th Gymnasium hosted Al Pacino, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Paul Newman, Ellen Burstyn, Dustin Hoffman, Jane Fonda, Joan Crawford, Beatrice Arthur, Sally Field and Might. Earned a bachelor’s degree. Porridge in the Pear Tree.

To honor his 75th year, Pacino is appearing live at Broadway’s United Palace on October 27. Plus, he’ll be screening his 1975 Oscar-winning “Dog Day Afternoon.”

AL: “I was too young. My first audition was in his basement. I was rejected. My friend auditioned later and I, my heart pounding, luckily got to sit atop one of his vacant seats. It took six months to try again.

The units of “actors’ and directors were called ‘satras’. And no one pronounced my name correctly. They said ‘pakini… pacano.’ ,

After all he knew Lee Strasberg very well and it was film star Pacino who cast Lee in the film “The Godfather”.

“As with all those celebrities, the Actors Studio was an entertainment show back then. Strasberg, a philosopher and theologian, taught that there is real value to being an actor and gave insight into history throughout. Actors live a life of rejection and judgment, so knowing that Nice to have a dignity about your choices that inspired you beyond idolatry, fame and money.”

1980, Autobio, Doubleday’s “Lee Strasberg: The Imperfect Genius of the Actors Studio”, written by Cindy Adams.

Al lives in California. He is “making a fictional, part-reality film about a struggling Hollywood actor and director.” He “loves New York. I often come back, I do Broadway, see my friends and examine the life I once lived there.”

“You have to be caught. Listen, I had coronavirus. The pandemic hit us all. I’m a survivor.”

bits and bobs

Formula One seven-time world champ Lewis Hamilton turns heads (and iPhones) at LA’s Century City Apple Store. He was the highlight of the Genius Bar. , , Prayer for King Charles. The experience of Charles I was not good. Charlie the 2 struck a plague in the country. Good luck to Britain’s third… want a little pied? Ron Perelman’s double-faced former 63rd home could be yours for $60 million.

Behind the ghostly ‘smile’

Halloween is upon us. So is the daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, clinical psychologists in the new thriller “Smile.”

Sosie Bacon is starring in the new thriller "Smile".
Sosie Bacon is starring in the new thriller “Smile”.
Photo by Philip Faraone / Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Sosie Bacon: “It’s scary like all horror movies. Nothing prepares you for an experience like this heightened feeling. Not knowing your reality is hell. Nothing like a neurotic smile sticks with you. People We go through life by covering up emotional pain with social nuances.”

Yes it is OK. Itching to bring home the bacon, Miss Bacon says it is a paramount picture. It is in cinemas.

This week was Rosh Hashanah. Next week, Yom Kippur. Per Flower Power Daily’s Jill Brooke: “Consider the sunflower. The petals always point towards the light. Plus, pomegranates contain 613 seeds like the 613 mitzvat in the Torah.

Let us all pray for peace. And not only in New York, children, not only in New York.

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