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Two Alabama men were arrested on murder charges for their alleged role in a drive-by shooting that killed a 13-year-old boy while he was playing on an iPad in his room Friday night.

Julian Lamont Gordon, 21, and James Deanthony Reid, 18, are facing capital murder charges and were being held without bond on Monday.

Kylan Allen was in his bed in the Washington Square neighborhood of Tuscaloosa on Friday night when gunfire broke out at his family’s home. A bullet came out of the window of the 13-year-old youth and hit him in the head, killing him.

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The Tuscaloosa Police Department said on Sunday that they believe the attack was targeted at an older member of Keelan’s family.

Brent Blankeley, a spokesman for the department, said at the scene, “It’s a senseless murder. You know, we see it all the time where adults are shot and it’s horrifying, but when it’s kids, it’s a homicide.” Takes it to another level.” Friday night.

Julian Lamont Gordon (left) and James Deanthony Reed (right) are facing murder charges for allegedly participating in a drive-by shooting Friday night in Tuscaloosa.

“We are all dads and moms here,” Blankeley continued. “When you look at it and you see that senseless tragedy, it affects you differently. So we’re going to do everything we can to make these arrests.”

The department wrote on Facebook that there were so many shells on the road that officers had to fold business cards and use them as temporary evidence markers on Friday night.

Allen’s cousin Corey Prewitt wrote on a GoFundMe that Allen was a simple student, leaving behind three younger sisters and his parents.

“Anyone who has known Keelan knows that he was all about peace and being in himself,” Prewitt wrote on the fundraiser’s page. “He never bothered anyone, nor was he a troubled child.”