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President Biden revealed he doesn’t envision a reduction in gas prices until 2022 during a CNN town hall this week. Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan reacted to Biden’s assessment on Granthshala Business’s “Morning with Maria” and said America’s energy issues could be helped by removing the federal government’s “jackboot” from the necks of American oil producers.

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Its. Dan Sullivan: They are empowering our opponents. You know, we’re importing twice as much oil from Russia than we were a year ago. At the end of the Trump administration, we were energy independent for the first time in seven decades.

Now we have the National Security Advisor, the President, the Energy Secretary begging OPEC, including many of our adversaries, to produce more. you know, I had a meeting with a couple of energy secretaries NS months ago and I said, madam secretary, I have a better idea than begging OPEC to produce more energy, to produce more oil: How to get the federal government’s jackboot from the necks of Alaska producers of other US energy producers ?

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This is what we need – that will empower workers who will ensure that we are strong with energy independence. It is a lose-lose policy. Biden predicts gas prices won’t drop until 2022

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