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According to the report, a search warrant filed in a Santa Fe court said an assistant director on the New Mexico film set of the film “Rust” claimed that a gun being given to actor Alec Baldwin had been unloaded on Thursday.

The Associated Press reported, “Cold Gun,” assistant director Dave Hall announced at the time, using lingo for an unloaded shotgun, ahead of a rehearsal for the film.


Shortly thereafter, court filings said, Baldwin pulled the trigger of the shotgun, seriously injuring cinematographer Halyana Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza.

As The Associated Press reports, the gun used by Baldwin was one of three firearms carried by Hannah Gutierrez on a cart, which was identified as armor for the film.

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As the AP reports, a detective wrote in an application for a search warrant, Hall was unaware that the live rounds were inside the firearm he grabbed and handed over to Baldwin.

How the live rounds happened inside a gun made for the shooting of a film remains a mystery.

No charges were filed in relation to the incident, which remained under investigation, According to the Santa Fe Reporter.

“Investigators are trying to determine what type of projectile was in the firearm,” the sheriff’s office told Granthshala News in a statement.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office obtained a search warrant Friday as part of efforts to investigate the shooting.

Officials said on Friday that Rust Movie Productions, the company behind the film, is also conducting its own review. The company’s statement comes amid reports that some crew members are unhappy about the level of gun safety on the sets of the film. Granthshala News has not independently verified the veracity of the complaints.

Magistrate Judge John Risanek issued a search warrant, with investigators seeking to examine a bloody shirt worn by Baldwin, all firearms and ammunition at the scene, and any relevant video evidence that may have been recorded, The Washington Post reported.

It was not clear how many bullets were fired in the incident, the AP said. The report said Gutierrez handed over the firearm used by Baldwin to responding police officers upon arrival at the scene.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Juan Rios said Baldwin was not immediately facing any charges in the case and was free to travel.

“He’s a free man,” Rios told the AP.

Thursday’s incident occurred despite improvements to firearm safety made on movie sets since the prop-gun death of actor Brandon Lee, son of the late martial-arts film star Bruce Lee, in 1993.

After Thursday’s incident, production on “Rust” was halted, in which Baldwin’s character had to run away with his grandson after the grandson was sentenced to death for the accidental murder of a rancher.

Granthshala News’ Nate Day and The Associated Press contributed to this story.