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The lawyer for Serge Svetnoy, the lead electrician/gaffer of the film “Rust”, slams Alec Baldwin’s “misleading” tell-all.

The actor spoke in a television interview on Thursday night. He answered questions about the October 21 shooting on the set of his Western film “Rust”, where he fatally shot cinematographer Halyana Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.


Swetnoy previously confirmed that he was standing next to Hutchins when he was shot and died on the set of the New Mexico film.

Attorney Gary A. Dordick wrote to Granthshala, “There are two ways to fire a gun, pull the trigger, or pull the hammer back and drop it, thus Alec Baldwin conclusively admitted that he pointed the gun at Helena Hutchins and Deadly shot.” News on Monday.

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Alec Baldwin deletes Twitter account after tell-all interview about fatal ‘Jung’ shooting

He shared, “His prime-time show appears to be an attempt to influence public opinion, however, I think it was clear to most people who watched the show that it was a poor show to sympathize with himself.” It was a planned, misguided attempt.” “He denied guilt and responsibility and knowledge of the many, many security problems on set, even though he was responsible for security as a producer. He acted as though he were best friends with Helena Hutchins, yet he Knew him only for nine days.”

“When I take Mr. Baldwin’s statement in the civil case, I will play this interview on record and cross-examine his statements, line by line, under oath,” Dordick revealed. “He did not help with his civil case and the prospect of criminal charges remains. Mr. Baldwin should not have spoken publicly on national television.”

Dordik said Svetnoy had “personally made no comment” about Baldwin’s seating. As for the trial, Dordik stated that “we are amending to add some new defendants who supplied ammunition.”

Swetnoy Baldwin, as well as Armor’s Hannah Gutierrez Reid, assistant director Dave Hall and several others are suing for “severe emotional distress” in documents previously obtained by Granthshala News.

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Serge Svetnoy, 'Rust' electrician (left), and Halina Hutchins (right).

During a press conference in November, Dordik told reporters that the film’s producers were “cutting a lot of corners to save money” and that the 42-year-old died due to negligence on set.

Baldwin, who was also the film’s producer, told George Stephanopoulos that there was no indication to him that the crew members were unhappy with the security conditions on set, although some resigned over the issue.

“I haven’t heard a word about it, nobody,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin said complaints about the film’s cost-cutting have been misguided.

Helena Hutchins has been described by her peers as a talented filmmaker.

“Whoever makes a film, it’s their responsibility not to be careless and negligent with the money given to you,” he said.

Asked by Stephanopoulos whether the cost-cutting compromised safety, Baldwin said, “Not in my opinion.”

“When I was there, I personally didn’t notice any safety or security issues,” he said.

During the interview, Baldwin said it was necessary for investigators to find out who fired the shot, believed to be empty, that killed Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

Alec Baldwin’s fatal ‘rust’ gunshot is still a ‘reckless discharge’, expert says

Director Joel Souza was hospitalized for his injuries, but has since been released.

In a clip from the interview released the day before, Baldwin said that “I didn’t pull the trigger. I would never point a gun at anyone and never pull the trigger on them. Never.”

He said it was Hutchins himself who told him to point the gun off-camera and toward his side before he could be fired. Baldwin pointed at Hutchins’ direction as he pulled back the hammer.

“I let go of the hammer and ‘bang’ the gun,” he said.

Baldwin said he was doing the interview to counter public misconceptions about the shooting and to clarify that “I will go to any lengths to undo what happened.”

District Attorney Responds to Alec Baldwin After He Claims It’s ‘Impossible’ He’ll Be Charged in Shooting ‘Rust’

An aerial scene of the film was set at Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe County, New Mexico where Helena Hutchins was killed.

“I want to make sure that I don’t come across as a victim because we have two victims here,” he said.

Investigators have described “some complacency” in how weapons are handled on the “Rust” set. He has said it is too early to determine whether charges will be filed amid independent civil lawsuits related to liability in the fatal shooting.

Baldwin said he does not believe he will be criminally charged in the shooting.

“I’ve talked to the sheriff’s department several times,” he said. I have nothing to hide.”

Alec Baldwin didn’t do himself any favors with sit-downs, experts say: ‘Textbook example of what not to do’

Alec Baldwin, seen here before the tragedy, said he feels incredible sadness and regret over the shooting that killed a cinematographer on the set of a New Mexico film, but not the guilt.

He said that the incident broke him emotionally.

“I have constant dreams about it,” he said. “Wake constantly where there are guns. These pictures pop into my mind and keep me awake at night and I haven’t slept for weeks and I’m really struggling physically.”

Asked by Stephanopoulos if his career was over, Baldwin said, “It could be.”

He said that his next production still wants him, “but I said to myself, ‘Do I want to do more work after this?

Hutchins is survived by her husband and their son.