Alec Baldwin’s Rust co-star Jensen Ackles spoke of gun training days before shooting

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alec baldwin War Co-star Jensen Ackles talks about the gun training he received for the film after the set was rocked by a fatal shooting.

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Baldwin was filming a western in New Mexico when he discharged a prop gun that killed director of photography Helena Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

Before the weekend, Ackles described how he was taught to handle his firearm. War set at a convention for his hit show supernatural in Denver.


“I got a call yesterday at 6 a.m. to do a big shoot-out. They told me to take my gun… Armorer was like, ‘Do you have gun experience?’ I was like, ‘A little’, Ackles tells fans Video Posted on YouTube.

“She was like, ‘That’s how you load it, check it’s secure. Do you want to hip-draw or cross-draw it? I’ll just put some free space in that and go up the hill for a couple of rounds’ I’ll fire… just make sure you pull the hammer all the way back and aim your target.'”

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It was not immediately clear whether the Armor Ackles mention is the same who is believed to have given Baldwin a prop gun before Thursday’s shooting.

Witnesses of the shooting told showbiz411 Baldwin fired a single shot that went through Ms. Hutchins’ body and hit Mr. Souza in the collarbone.

Afterwards, Baldwin repeatedly asked why he was given the “hot gun,” the outlet reported.

“In all my years, I have never been given a hot gun,” he reportedly said, referring to a gun with live ammunition.

Ms Hutchins died by helicopter while on her way to the hospital, while Souza was discharged.

Police said the investigation is “open and active” and so far “no charges have been filed in connection with the incident”.

Many in the film industry reacted to the tragedy, saying it highlights the need for better safety measures on the sets. Ms Hutchins announced plans to protest that issue in an Instagram post two days before her death.

Many film propmasters have talked about this in the wake of the shoot. Strict rules regarding guns on set and questioned whether proper protocol was followed War Armourer, which has yet to be publicly named.

Credit: / Alec Baldwin

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