Alex Jones calls judge a ‘tyrant’ as Sandy Hook trial resumes

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Alex Jones launched in a furious rant as he resumed his Sandy Hook damages case, calling the judge “a tyrant” and insisting he did not broadcast lies about mass shootings “on purpose”.

The Infowars founder and conspiracy theorist is on trial in Connecticut, where the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting claimed the lives of 26 people – mostly young children.

Mr Jones lost several defamation cases in default after victims’ families were sued over his false claims that the massacre was a hoax to institute stricter gun control laws.

The ongoing trial is the second proceeding to determine whether Mr. Jones and InfoWars must pay in damages.

Outside the court on Tuesday, Mr. Jones told reporters: “This is a mockery of justice and this judge is a tyrant. This judge is ordering me to say that I am guilty and to say that I am a liar.” None of this is true. I wasn’t intentionally wrong about Sandy Hook.”

“I questioned it just like Jussie Smollett, like WMD in Iraq, like Gulf of Tonkin. There’s been a lot of staged events in history, like WMD in Iraq, and I question every major event that we do. Let’s see, and therefore I am being placed inside this courtyard in an impossible position where I am being ordered to say I am guilty,” he said.

“Has anyone ever ordered someone to say they are guilty, even in a criminal trial where they found someone’s bodies? If the guilty person wants to rise up and say he is innocent If so, it is allowed,” he said.

He claimed that “the judiciary has been armed,” that the trial is “a conflict session outside of South Africa or communist China,” and that he “would be calling himself wrong” if he said he had to take his coverage. did not benefit. Sandy Hook.

“This is the murder of American justice. It is extremely dangerous,” Mr. Jones told the press.

Mr. Jones returned to the assembled press to say “I don’t want to be the Sandy Hook man. That was a small part of what we said and did.”

He said he “followed” the site on 4chan and other sources which “turned out to be wrong”.

Mr Jones told reporters it was “all in one big plan” to restrict and shut down the free press, adding that lawyers are going to let us make their case against others as a roadmap, According to Vice’s Anna Merlan.

He said that “no one knows” the name of the gunman, Adam Lanza, who had committed suicide about ten years earlier when first responders arrived at the school.

“I’m not Adam Lanza. I didn’t kill the kids,” said Mr. Jones.

“They really want to kick me out because I’m exposing the Great Reset.”

According to political scientist and author Evan Wake, “The set of conspiracy theories surrounding the Great Reset is vague and difficult to pin down, but tying them together gives us something like this: The Great Reset is a plan of global elites to use COVID to destroy a communist world order by eliminating private property. There are plans to set up- 19 to solve overpopulation and enslave the remnants of humanity with vaccines”.

When Mr Jones was asked what he thought of the proceedings at Kangaroo Court, he said: “Buddy, it’s all kangaroos and railroads, you’re absolutely right.”

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