TORONTO – With only two days until election day, the Conservative Party will not say whether they will need to be vaccinated before going to sit in the House of Commons, unlike the status of any candidate chosen to become a member of parliament. Liberals, NDP, and Block Québécois.

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Throughout the campaign, the Conservatives declined to say how many of their candidates had been fully vaccinated, and would no longer even confirm whether they would need vaccinations before taking their seats in Ottawa.

Asked again in a statement to, Conservative spokesman Matthew Clancy gave the same message the party has been saying throughout the campaign: “Vaccines are safe and effective, and we encourage every Canadian who able to do so, get vaccinated.”

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Just days before calling the election, Trudeau announced that the federal government would make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for federal public service employees as well as people in the federally regulated transportation sector.

While MPs are not covered by these rules, departmental staff will be administrative staff in the House, Senate and Library of Parliament. The policy, which is due to take effect in October, will also apply to passengers on any commercial air, inter-provincial train and cruise ship.

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After a Conservative government shrugged off questions about the vaccine mandate for federal activists and instead criticized Trudeau for politicizing the issue, the party later said there would be an “alternative” to mandatory vaccines if the Conservatives were elected. “The approach will be taken.

Specifically, Conservatives will require unvaccinated Canadian travelers to submit a recent negative test result or to board a bus, train, plane or ship before boarding. Conservative leader Erin O’Toole will also require federal public servants who have not been vaccinated to pass daily rapid tests.

When asked about the decision on Saturday at a stop in Kitchener, Ontario, O’Toole said the candidate and those campaigning for his party are following health guidelines.

“We have a rule that everyone who is campaigning for us – candidates, door-to-door people – has to use vaccines, and if someone has not been fully vaccinated, they should be given a daily rapid Test and follow all public health guidance in those provinces,” O’Toole told reporters.

O’Toole did not directly respond to questions about how he plans to find out which of his candidates have been vaccinated and which health minister to appoint to be fully vaccinated. If the Conservatives form a government,

Liberal, NDP, Block all vaccinations

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau—who has focused much of his campaign on differing vaccination policies between his party and O’Toole—once again asked O’Toole not to reveal that of his nearly 338 candidates. How many have got the full range of authorized COVID. -19 vaccines Saturday morning at an event in Aurora, Ont.

“They don’t care about protecting those who have done the right thing by going ahead,” Trudeau told reporters. “She’s concerned about protecting the anti-vaxxers in her caucus.”

Aurora was one of the first places Trudeau faced anti-vaccination protesters during this election campaign, and where he responded to their chants about “forced vaccination” with “Please get vaccinated.” As the aggression intensified over the past five weeks, that tone changed to calling them “anti-vaxxer mobs.”

Liberal spokesman Alex Wellstead confirmed that all Liberal candidates have been vaccinated, saying in a statement that: “By requiring all Liberal candidates to be vaccinated, we are ensuring that our caucus in the House of Commons Leads by example when it comes to ending the fight against COVID-19.”

As the parties have previously confirmed, all New Democrat and Bloc Quebecois candidates, and by extension anyone who is elected and Ottawa-bound, are fully vaccinated.

The NDP has proposed that if elected they would work to pre-implement a mandatory vaccine policy, and suggested that if federal employees must refuse vaccination for reasons other than health, disciplinary measures be taken. can.

The Green Party did not respond to’s request for comment.

More details to come…

With files from Granthshala News ‘Sarah Turnbull and Maggie Parkhill’