All-New Mets follow loss in all-to-family script

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    Monday night was such a new performance for the Mets – a new boss with a new superstar shortstop, a new catcher, two new relievers and a brand-new season.

    But an age-old problem emerged late in the game that turned the win into a potential loss, causing sourness during the opening of the Steven Cohen era.

    Jacob Degrom bowled brilliantly in six strong innings and also performed brilliantly with the bat. For the first time in 60 years, the Mets were the first hit team of the season in pitcher, and he went on to go 2 to 3 with one R.BI But the Mets bullpen melted in the eighth inning, and for the 31st time in Digrom’s career the team landed a game whose ace was placed on a plate.

    The Phillies scored five times in the eighth inning of Trevor May and Aaron Loop, the Mets added two relievers while they were busy in the off-season, and Philadelphia beat the Mets 5–3 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

    It was the first time the Mets had lost on Opening Day since 2016 and their 13th Opening Day loss since 1970. But once again DeGrom had yet to answer questions about how the pitch felt that had not yet won.

    “I’ve said many times before, the goal is to keep us in the game and give us a chance to win,” DeGrom said. “Some unfortunate things happened in the eighth.”

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    The most unfortunate was that DeGrom was no longer pitching, although this was probably a prudent decision. He Was removed to protect his health, even though he had thrown only 77 pitches, the last of which ran at speeds of 100.1 mph.

    The Mets waited four days to play their first game of the season as their originally scheduled opening series in Washington was postponed due to an outbreak of coronovirus among national players and staff members. This meant that Degrom had not thrown the batsmen in 10 days, which caused concern about overexpending, and possibly injury, the best pitcher in baseball on the first day of the season.

    DeGrom said he agreed with the decision, but only because of the circumstances of the delayed start.

    “If it was a Thursday and a normal rest, I don’t think I’m coming out of that game.”

    But it was not the seventh inning that was the problem. Miguel Castro handled that one without allowing a run. The Mets seemed sharp at that point, getting some excellent defense to go with another DeGrom mini gem. Francisco Lindor, the Mets’ new shortstop who officially signed his 10-year, $ 341 million extension on the day, contributed by kicking a crisp double play in the second inning, and danced on the field with his teammates.

    But in eighth everything opened up. May, who was signed by the Mets as a free agent after spending six years with the Minnesota Twins, gave up two singles and one and took a walk to load chairs and Mets manager Luis Rojas had Bryce. Harper brought in a left-handed loop to face the Phillies. ‘Left-handed No. 3 hitter.

    Forcing a run, Lup hit Harper off the pitch.

    “Batter hitting started it all and shut it down,” said Lup, who, by the rule, had to stay in the game to face at least two more batters or get a double play. JT Realmuto singled to the left and Alec Bohm hit a bouncer to Luis Guillorm, who was fired for defense at third base

    But extensive efforts were made to exclude the lead runner at home at Guillerme. James McCain, the Mets’ new catcher, made an early move towards Guillerme and was unable to adjust to catching the ball. It tore his glove and left it behind, making two runs. The final run was scored by Didi Gregorius on a sacrifice fly.

    “There was a lot of excitement until today, and that’s not the way you want to end it,” May said. “It was disappointing. I can’t imagine what it was like to watch it. “

    The Mets held a minor rally together in the ninth of hard-throwing Lieutenant Jose Alvarado, including Lindor’s first hit as the Met. With two outsiders, Kevin Pilar and Lindor singled and Michael Conforto scored one each, scoring Pilar.

    Films manager Joe Girardi opted to leave Alvarado to face right-handed Alonso, who tagged a pitch into deep right field. For a moment it looked like the Mets could take the lead, but instead should have won another game Digrom gave away instead of the bullpen – and some questionable defenses.

    “Jake shouldn’t do everything himself, which the teams aren’t,” May said, adding, “You really want to go out and finish what they started, because that’s the most time. Till is the master. “

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