For Alison Janney, filming “Mom” is a very different experience without her co-star, Anna Farris.

The duo starred in seven seasons of the hit sitcom before 44-year-old Faris, leaving Janiney to lead the series on her own.

During a recent visit to “The Ellen Degeners Show”, the Oscar winner opened up about filming the show without a ferry.

“It was very strange,” Jenny said returning to the set. “She is missed a lot. Anna is missed and her character is missed in the show.”

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She Added: “We are happy that she is doing what she wants to do and we are even more happy so that we can still tell these stories about these great women and recovery and I think that something really amazing The character has been established. “

Despite the casting shakeup, Janie and the “Mom” family don’t seem to have plans to throw in the towel any time soon.

“People have liked the show so we keep telling stories as long as we can,” she shared.

‘MOM’ returns for new season, ANNA FARIS off SHOW

“Mom” first followed Farris’s Christie and her mother, Bonnie – played by Jenny – sparingly in their shared journey.

In 2020, it was announced that Faris would not return to the show.

Anna Morris (left) and Allison Jenny (right) in 'Mom'.  (Photo by Monty Brinton / CBS via Getty Image)

Anna Morris (left) and Allison Jenny (right) in ‘Mom’. (Photo by Monty Brinton / CBS via Getty Image)

“The last seven years on Mom have been some of the most successful and rewarding films of my career,” Faris said in a statement. “I’m thankful to Chuck [Lorre, executive producer], Writers and my amazing artists for creating a truly amazing work experience. While my journey as Christie has ended, allowing me to pursue new opportunities, I am watching the next season and vest for my family. “

Farris is known for various film roles including “Brokeback Mountain,” “The House Bunny” and “Friends Friends”.

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Jeannie, on the other hand, is known for her roles in “The Help,” “Juno” and “Hairspray”. She Has won two Emmys for her work on “Mom” and several for her role in “The West Wing”. In 2018, she won an Oscar for “I, Tanya”.