Almost 85% of unvaccinated Americans don’t plan to get Covid shots – but only one-third say it’s because they fear side effects, poll finds 

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  • A new survey finds 83% of non-vaccinated respondents say they won’t get their COVID-19 shots
  • More than a third say they either fear vaccine side effects or distrust the government
  • About 7% of non-vaccinated respondents said they would get shots if Donald Trump told them
  • More than 75% of American adults are at least partially vaccinated, although there has been little movement on getting the remaining non-vaccinated adults vaccinated.
  • President Joe Biden is taking advantage of employers to mandate vaccines to their employees

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A new survey finds that the majority of unvaccinated Americans say they do not plan to get COVID-19 shots.

survey conducted by CNBC/Change Researchasked 1,775 Americans how they felt about vaccines.


Of the respondents, 29 percent were not vaccinated, and 83 percent of that group said they never plan to get JABS.

There aren’t many things that could explain this segment of the population, with either 84 percent, even if vaccines have no side effects, won’t get shots, and 87 percent won’t be forced to do so if they’re given so much by their employer. was made mandatory. .

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One-third of non-vaccinated Americans report that they fear the government or don’t trust the federal government because they haven’t gotten the jabs. At least 10% said they would get shots if the delta version became a problem, and 7% said they would do so if former President Donald Trump asked them to jab.

Survey respondents offered various reasons why they had not yet been vaccinated.

More than a third, 34 percent, of unvaccinated respondents said they refuse shots because they don’t trust the government.

A similar number of survey respondents also said they were afraid of the side effects of the vaccine.

Some simply aren’t worried about the virus, with ten percent reporting that if the Delta version was more prominent in their community, they’d be jab.

The delta variant has devastated many unvaccinated communities across the country in recent months, and there has been an eightfold increase in cases during the month of July as the mutant strain.

Seven percent are still waiting for instructions from former President Donald Trump, saying they would only get vaccinated if they asked him to.

President Trump has been a vocal supporter of the vaccine Even to the ire of some of his loyal supporters – and has used his post-presidency rallies to promote his followers.

Despite their outspoken support for Jobs, Trump supporters are the least likely to be a vaccine-seeking group.

A CNBC poll finds that 87 percent of participants who voted for Trump in the 2020 presidential election have not been vaccinated, and 60 percent are Republicans.

By comparison, 49 percent of Democrats and 68 percent of Joe Biden voters are fully vaccinated.

It has become a challenge for health officials nationwide to jab the last group of unvaccinated Americans.

Just over 75 percent of American adults have received at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, and 65 percent are fully vaccinated.

Demand for shots has faltered in recent months, however, as fewer than a million Americans get shots every day – compared with more than 3.5 million in early April.

While the rise of the delta variant – a more contagious strain of the virus that originated in India – sparked massive cases across the country for weeks to spur demand for the vaccine, Americans’ rates of getting the shots have fallen once again. .

Persuading the remaining illiterate adults to get the shots has been difficult, even as incentives such as the vaccine lottery have failed to make much of an impact on vaccination.

The White House is now trying to take advantage of the power of employers to force Americans to take the shot.

Last week, President Biden announced that every company with more than 100 employees would be forced to vaccinate its employees.

Companies that do not comply will be fined $14,000 by the federal government.

The president requires all federal employees or contractors to be vaccinated, or potentially terminated, within the next 75 days.

The executive order will not include an option to be tested regularly to rule out the need for a vaccine.

The orders would apply to executive branch workers but not congressional or judicial.


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