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Amanda Knox Officially a mother.

Husband Christopher Robinson, 34, announced in Friday’s episode of their podcast “Labyrinths: Getting Lost with Amanda” that they have welcomed a baby girl named Eureka Muse.


The episode took the audience through key moments during Knox’s pregnancy, such as being hospitalized for the birth of her daughter, according to People.

Knox Didn’t Share Exactly When She Delivered But The new York Times It was reported on Friday that the couple became parents months before Friday’s podcast aired.

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Amanda Knox is pregnant, expecting first child with husband after miscarriage

In an interview with the publication, Knox admitted that she is “still nervous about the paparazzi bounty on her head.”

The couple announced they were expecting a baby in August on their podcast.

“That’s right, we’re pregnant,” the writer and Robinson said in unison.

In the episode, Knox and Robinson share an audio recording of them taking a pregnancy test and once happily shouting, in fact, “three times.”

“Oh my god, thank goodness! Yes, we did it!” Knox said at the time.

She revealed in July that she had a miscarriage in the first six weeks.

“I felt incredibly disappointed that this was the story of my first pregnancy. … I thought, like, I knew what I wanted to do with my first pregnancy, and it didn’t happen through choice. Felt like a betrayal,” Knox said via People.

Knox is best known as the American student who spent four years in prison before being acquitted in her murder case in 2007. British Roommate Meredith Kercher Inn Italy.