American Airlines attendant scolds passengers over their ‘disgusting’ behaviour in video

According to the video of the incident, airline passengers were scolded for verbally abusing American Airlines cabin crew during flight delays.

In footage on June 7 TIC Toc, a flight attendant told passengers that abusing the cabin crew was “disgusting”, and that it was “living hell”.

The American Airlines flight, which flew from Los Angeles to Charlotte, was diverted due to bad weather – both passengers and cabin crew were forced to wait at Raleigh-Durham Airport.

A passenger reportedly described a female flight attendant as a “fat gorilla” after arguing about face coverings. Charlotte Observer.

Another passenger sarcastically stated that the flight attendants were threatening to turn around on the plane because they hadn’t eaten, after it finally took off from Raleigh-Durham, with others allegedly “giving them a Snickers”. two!” chanted.

According to Brent Underwood, a North Carolina musician who filmed the incident on TikTok, a member of the cabin crew was even asked to “suck my d***”.

“There was absolutely no excuse for it”, he said inspector. “Everyone deserves respect. And everyone should be punished equally for being such a rude person.

A flight attendant was filmed standing in front of passengers saying: “Just like we haven’t eaten ourselves, we’re late here, we’ve got you the whole flight and we do it because we don’t want to eat it.” love”.

“But the fact is that we are insulted and abused by passengers for things we cannot control. This is disgusting,” he continued. Shame on the passengers who made this flight a living hell for the flight attendants.

In the statement, American Airlines said inspector: “We take the health and safety of our customers seriously, and our crew members work hard to maintain the federal mask mandate that remains in effect on aircraft and airports.”

“We trust our customers to take care of them throughout their journey, and we expect those who choose to fly with us – and our team members – with respect.”

Mr Underwoods has been viewed by over 700,000 people Video Since it was shared on Tiktok.

Credit: / American Airlines

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