PayPal co-founder and Facebook board member Peter Thiel spared no punch for helping China’s rapid economic and military expansion. He It is said that American technology companies bear some of the blame for helping Beijing’s global achievements.

He says, “There is nothing about some of the politics inside these companies, the way they think of themselves as truly American companies. And this is somehow very difficult, for them to be an anti-China fast.” Edge. “

Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have stated in their assessment that American corporate culture has turned a blind eye to the communist country’s human rights abuses, trade violations and threats at the expense of America.

Thiel warned, “If China is able to just hold on, then there is a way that it will become a more powerful country.” “You’ll have four times the GDP, and maybe four times the military, and it will be the dominant power. Equality means the West is losing.”

Peter to Peter Valley

Il spoke in April at the Nixon Seminar for Conservative Realism and National Security, a monthly gathering of foreign affairs experts who analyze US foreign policy. The programs are available on-line to members of the Nixon Foundation and are located at the Nixon President Library in Yorba Linda, California.

“I had a set of conversations with some Google people about AI technology, ‘Is your AI being used to run concentration camps in Xinjiang?’ And ‘Well, we don’t know and we don’t ask any questions.’ You have this almost magical thinking that everything is alright, it’s how you engage and interact. And you make the world better. And it’s some combination of wishful thinking. It’s a useful idiot, you know , This is the CCP fifth columnist aide. ”Said Thiel.

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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a Nixon seminar co-chair, is blunt in his assessment. He It is said that the Chinese Communist Party’s effort is to “dominate the world.”

“In 2019 the Chinese launched more missiles than the rest of the world,” he says. “They just have the resources. The scale of the work they are doing to put the right satellites. They are moving at great speed to work to make sure they have the capacity.”

Experts have expressed concern over China’s rate of expansion while securing economic ties with countries around the world, which Beijing then uses to leverage global power for its interests. The Associated Press recently noted that “China’s Belt and Road Initiative is building ports, railways and other infrastructure, increasing Chinese influence not only in Asia but elsewhere in Africa and the developing world … and abroad.” For is seen by the West as a gambler. “

President Nixon’s grandson, Christopher Nixon Cox, asked that Washington be able to determine if the US dominates and, in the end, was as clear as victory over Beijing when the Cold War ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“What will determine if we win or lose?”

Former National Security Adviser, Robert O’Brien, a Nixon seminar co-chairman, noted the recent success on China’s influence in American higher education and the Trump administration’s efforts as specific measures of US policy for greater US investment in China Pointed to the success of stopping. Successes.

“If we can cut the flow of investment and limit the overt effects … I think those are the two benchmarks that the Biden administration has a chance to gain some traction and show that we are with China.” Are going to stand up. “

‘Finally, Xi Jinping fears freedom and sovereignty and rules-based order. This is their enemy, ”says Pompeo.

“We’ll find out who wins it by which ideas dominate over the next 10, 20, 40 years. Are they a set of Western ideas or are they a set of understandings that flow from authoritarian rule in China?”

Ben Ivansky contributed to this report.