Amita Kuttner, first nonbinary interim leader, aims to get Green Party ‘back on track’

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Newly named interim leader of Canada’s Green Party, Amita Kuttner, says her job is to fix the party after months of infighting and struggle.

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Kuttner, 30, who identifies as non-binary and transgender, says he wants to end internal strife and get the party “back on track” in the role before the Greens choose their next leader. .

As the Vancouver astronomer says flooding and climate change have devastated the country, this is the “exact moment” when Green Party policies are needed the most.


Public support for the Greens fell in the September 20 election and then Annie Paul stepped down as leader, describing his time in the job as the worst period in his life.

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In an interview with The Canadian Press, Kutner says he has been a target of transphobia within the party and that some consider internal party politics “too bad”.

He said the solution was not to throw people out of the party, but to teach them to appreciate the experiences and perspectives of others.

Former Green Party leader Elizabeth May said Kuttner’s appointment “is certainly a positive development.”

“He is a truly extraordinary human being, and I love working with him. I love him,” May said.

“And of course, the fundamental aspects of being a racist young person who is non-binary, who is a genius scientist — you don’t meet people like Amita every day.”

According to the Green Party’s constitution, the leadership contest must begin within six months of the appointment of an interim leader.

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May says she hopes the process will “reflect the reality of our values.”

“The job is to be the lead spokesperson, and our membership sets our policies,” May said.

May said, after “the last disastrous period”, the party has “a lot of rebuilding to do”.

May said, “I am very happy because I know that the moment the interim leader is appointed, I think, well, this is turning the page.”

“Canadians can see the faces of the people in the Green Party who are positive and committed and rebuilding, and that’s what we really, really need.”

— With files from Granthshala News ‘Rachel Gilmore’

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