Andrew Yang mocked for leaving Democrats: ‘You can’t fire me; I quit energy”

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Tech entrepreneur and former candidate for both US President and Mayor of New York City Andrew Yang has announced that he has left the Democratic Party.

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While some on Twitter congratulated him and supported his decision, the jokes soon began, covering everything from his questionable past election success to the timing of the announcement.

in one Essay posted on their websiteIn this article, Mr. Yang explained his reasoning for leaving the party, changing his registration to an independent, and what his focus would be next.


Mr. Yang made the announcement a day before his national book tour began in New York. insider reports that in the book he announced the formation of a new political party, The Forward Party.

On Twitter, Mr. Yang posted “Why am I leaving the Democratic Party” with a link to the essay. He received several direct answers, answering the question for him.

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One user replied, “Because if I start my party, I’m likely to win at least one primary.”

Another user jokingly wrote: “Why am I angry after Andrew Yang lost two primaries.”

Referring to his campaign to become mayor of New York and the campaign surrounding the city’s five boroughs, someone replied: “Because your principles are 100% flexible and you’re tired of pretending to love a bodega?”

“Because I lost two primaries,” read another post, to which Mr Yang actually replied “hundreds of thousands of votes among Democratic voters”.

An account named after fictional news anchor Will McAvoy questioned that number and offered that fellow Democratic primary candidate Tom Steyer is closer to being able to make that claim than Mr.

One Twitter user posted: “Fun fact: Not satisfied with just losing the primary, Andrew Yang is ready to lose the general election.”

Along the same vein, another wrote: “BREAKING: Andrew Yang announces new plan to lose his election.”

Comedian Steve Hofstetter posted: “Yang is best known for his 2020 presidential campaign, where he eliminated just one rep from not having zero reps.”

“Andrew Yang is too strong for ‘You can’t fire me; I leave!’ Energy,” noted a tweet.

One user joked: “I even secretly love how Facebook going 100 percent down ruins Andrew Yang’s carefully crafted ‘I’m leaving the Democratic Party’ PR blitz.”

In his essay, Mr. Yang writes that it was a “strange emotional experience”, changing his registration from Democrat to Granthshala, but at the same time he believed it was the right thing to do, highlighting his close ties to Democrats. . country and in Washington.

He now intends to focus on trying to reform the system by campaigning for open primaries and rank-choice voting to make elections more dynamic with more choices.

“Severing ties with the Democratic Party seems like the right thing to do because I believe I can have more influence this way,” he writes.

Mr. Yang’s book, Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy, releasing on 5 October.


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